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The Trajectory state of the present day Nigeria – Idowu Afuye

The Trajectory state of present-day Nigeria is painful, and there is a need to be optimistic.

Rome was neither built in a day likewise the wall of Jericho although destroyed by a shout of Hallelujah was not built in a day but destroyed by a proclamation.

I have decided to use the above illustration to sensitise, us all as citizens passing through hard times and to our government.

The scenario presently in Nigeria is what we can describe as unbearable, economically, it’s a near state of comatose, as prices of commodities are on the high side, likewise the price of P.M.S.

The question on the mind of an average Nigerian today is can things get better or where do we go from here?

I am a commoner suffering the same hardship that Nigerians are passing through, but every generation out of relative obscurity must its mission it is either he defines it or betrays it, our present state in this nation remains as a result of the decadence of the past, but alas, l don’t feel Tinubu led federal government

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