“Why I prefer Nigeria to America” Tolanibaj (Video)

Tolani Baj, recently shared her preference for Nigeria over America in a video that has raised eyebrows.

She highlighted the unique quality of life she enjoyed in Nigeria, including the pampering and comfort that exceeded her experiences in the United States.

She candidly expressed the challenges she faced in America, where she had to overcome significant hardships to achieve certain goals.

Tolani Baj’s revelation has ignited a range of reactions. Some speculate that her choice may be influenced by the perception that Nigerian men are more likely to provide financial support for women, in contrast to the US, where individuals often must work diligently for every penny.

Others attribute her preference to the sentiment that “there’s no place like home.”

It’s important to note that Tolani Baj was a contestant in the just-concluded all-stars season of Big Brother Naija, where she had a complex relationship with Neo.



Her post-show experience was marked by considerable criticism, with some labeling her as desperate due to her relationship with Neo.

In August, she expressed her desire for a break from dating in response to the controversies and backlash surrounding her relationship with Neo.

Tolani Baj has consistently emphasized her indifference to public opinions, asserting her right to live life in a way that brings her happiness.

In an earlier podcast interview with media personality Moet, Tolani Baj revealed her preference for dating men with passports.

She expressed her passion for travel and her desire for a partner who could easily explore different destinations, adding an interesting dimension to her personal life.

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