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Nigerians drag ‘fake’ prophet Elijah Ayodele after Liverpool drew against Luton Town

Liverpool’s shocking draw away to newly promoted Luton meant the prophecy of a Nigerian religious leader proved false.

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has come under heavy fire after his prophecy about the Premier League fixture between Liverpool and Luton turned out to be false.

The cleric is infamous for his ‘spirit-led’ predictions and regularly faces backlash for getting his prophecies wrong. He erroneously predicted that the People’s Democratic Party’s presidential aspirant for the 2023 elections, Atiku Abubakar, would emerge as the winner.

Primate Elijah’s football prediction

Given his track record, the video of Primate Elijah’s predictions of this weekend’s Premier League fixtures was received comically.

He predicted Manchester City would trounce Bournemouth, which played out as his prophecy, with a Jeremy Doku performance handing the Cityzens a 6-1 victory. He also picked Liverpool to thrash Luton.

Liverpool will beat Luton very well — Primate Ayodele prediction video resurfaces pic.twitter.com/vKHT9aA3bq

— Naija (@Naija_PR) November 5, 2023
Many found it odd that a ‘Man of God’ was aiding gambling, although the religious leader has claimed that the purpose of his forecasts are not for gambling purposes.

Others thought his picks were low-hanging fruits, as he basically backed the odds-on favourites to win. Despite this perceived ease of outcome, Elijah only got one of his two prophecies right, as Luton held Jurgen Klopp’s team to a draw.

The shocking result at Kenilworth Road saw Nigerians in their numbers call out the cleric for false prophecy.

One sports fan said, “He predicted two easy games and fortunately for him, Liverpool drew. Fake prophets dem dem.” Another said, “Funniest part of this was Nobody asked him. Nobody. But when you’re a scam, you have a way of setting yourself up. The most annoying part was when he was grabbing his cap as if he was adjusting the inspiration. Awon Ole, adojutini.

A third said, “These men of MEN would sha not stop disgracing themselves. This was how many of them rushed out during elections to yarn okotos only to be shamed yakata, exposing their ordinariness to the whole wide world. If you must predict, predict. Everyone predicts but don’t make it look like a prophecy because we know no God sent you a message; na you dey send yourself. Yeyenatu.”

A fourth went, “The way gamblers will swear for this man today, ehn. Unfortunately, he will still come out tomorrow to give predictions and they will still believe him. Has any of his predictions ever come to fruition?”

Meanwhile, Luton Town held Liverpool to a draw, with the Reds finding it hard to break down the hatters.

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