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Mum Of Four Who Refused To Walk Away From An ‘Abusive Marriage’ Dies

A Nigerian mum of four has died after allegedly being subjected to domestic violence for years.

A Facebook user, Amarachi Iwuala, who shared the sad story, alleged that the husband of the deceased over the years subjected her to domestic abuse. She said the husband one time, allegedly beat the wife until she became unconscious.

Amarachi said when advised to leave her marriage, the deceased who was nursing a seven-month-old baby, said she would walk away when her children were grown as they were still little. She said the mother of the deceased even asked her to walk away from the marriage, but she also refused.

Posting on Facebook, Amarachi wrote;

‘’Another woman was gone.

She was married to a man who was viôlent towards her. Not just viôlent, he would lock doors and windows, raise the music volume, and then start béating her, so that help wouldn’t come for her.

One day he béat her till she was unconscious, and the whole compound joined in rushing her to the hospital. After treatment, she came back to the same house.

People advised her to leave, she said her children were still little, and she wanted them to grow a bit before she left. She wanted them to grow yet she was giving birth to more. She had four children, the last one is just 7 months old.

Two weeks ago, an old woman living in their compound called this lady’s mother, asking her to come take her daughter if they still want her alive. The mother replied that the lady said she was not leaving.

This is why it’s good to have some weary as a mother. Even if she doesn’t want to leave, use violence and bring her out by force. O dighi apu àra.

Back to the story. Two days ago, that is Thursday 2nd November 2023, they woke up in the morning to hear the man béating the woman as usual.

After the béating, normal life continued. They said that night, the lady went about her normal chores, she stayed up till 11 p.m. wasting and hanging clothes. Neighbors saw her.


They all woke up yesterday morning only to hear that the lady was déad. How?

The husband is saying he slept in the sitting room while she slept in the bedroom, and that he only entered the room in the morning and found her dead.

Neighbors said her bed was soaked with water though, and there’s still no explanation for that.

The husband is saying she should be buried immediately as he doesn’t have money to pay mortuary bills.

The sad part, her father heard the news and had a heart attack, she was his only daughter. He was rushed to hospital, but news has it that he didn’t make it.

Her 7-month-old baby cried the whole day and refused to eat every food that was offered her, she was looking for breast milk. She cried till she started running temperature.

See how many lives have been affected by her choices.

Four children were rendered motherless. Only God knows what their fate will be, they’ll probably be shared amongst relatives who may/may not treat them well.

I know all this because we have a mutual friend who was at their place yesterday to get first-hand info. She was crying bitterly on the phone while speaking to me, I told her to stop crying, and the lady chose this.

The husband cannot even be held responsible. Police came, asked him questions, and left.

We keep writing daily for women to learn, but some are determined to waste their lives.

Someone in an abûsive marriage will read this post and say “It’s not my portion”, and keep staying in the marriage.

Like I’ll always say, we can’t help everybody. Keep staying, keep waiting for your children to grow up, keep thinking of what society will say, keep thinking of how you’ll survive, keep thinking if you’ll find another man, keep thinking the children need a father, keep hoping he’ll change. Just keep at it, since you have no value for the life you have.”

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