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Single Lady With Big Cute Nose Cries Bitterly, says No One Wants To Date Her (Video)

A young Nigerian lady with a big cute nose has wept profusely only over her lack of a boyfriend.

The lady shared a video using her TikTok handle, Ammie Sweeshy, complaining bitterly that no man wants her.

She was responding to a question from one of her TikTok followers who was asking her if she had a boyfriend. She replied, “I wish I had one but no one wants me”.

In the video, it could be seen that the lady has a big nose, but she did not say if she was born that way or if it is a disorder.

Ammie was crying bitterly in the video, saying she wished she could have a man of her own. Other videos on her handle also show her making reference to her nose. Some people said she still looked beautiful, even with a big nose.

The video stirred emotions as social media users sympathized with the young lady. Read some comments below:

@THE FASTEST BAGGER said, “You’re so beautiful, don’t let what people say ruin you. I’m single in case you need a boyfriend, let me know.”

@Princesseron said, “Don’t worry, dear. Even those who have small noses, some don’t have. So yours will come and will be just as special as you.”

@dawgtreyna said, “Funny enough the nose actually fits you. You are still a fine girl though.”

Watch the video below:


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