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Idowu Afuye Political Sojourn in APC – Oyebode Babajide

Former deputy governorship candidate of the ADP and coordinator of the defunct Ekiti south development agenda comrade ldowu Afuye, spoke about his stay in the All Progressive Congress (APC) over the past year.

Kings are born and not made, comrade ldowu Afuye(I.S.A) remains an household name today in Ekiti politics, Afuye is brave as he left the civil service at a time he nearly reached his peak to pursue a quest to make an Ekiti south person, who has never become the governor since the creation of Ekiti of the state become governor, thus he established a group known as the Ekiti south development agenda.

Afuye(l.S.A) transversed the nooks and crannies of the nation canvassing for aspirants from Ekiti south in major political parties to emerge in their various political parties, until the project crashed.

Idowu Afuye in his quest to contribute his quota to the development of Ekiti state forged ahead and accepted the deputy governor candidate of the A.D.P under Engr Kemi Elebute halle.

Afuye remains a misunderstood patriot as many wondered why he left the A.D.P, Afuye left the party because of the genuine love he has for Ekiti, and his non inclusiveness in the spate of things, cum, the unrealistic vision and mission of the A.D.P.

Idowu after careful consultation and critical hypothetical analysis saw the potential and genuine intention of Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji BAO, and the benefits of continuity of Dr Kayode Fayemi giant stride, and moved ahead to join the A.P.C and the ark of B.A.O.

Exactly a year ago, Afuye was received by members of the three wards in Ode amidst a rousing welcome.

Afuye’s political journey in the A.P.C has not been without Up’s and down as principalities and powers within the party felt threatened by his political activities, most especially from his local government.

Afuye has reiterated his commitment to the the A.P.C and ark of BAO in different fora, he has described Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji BAO as a reliable entity and a person who will and is already changing the face of governance in Ekiti state.

As lam a living witness to Afuye’s declaration in Ode Ekiti, l salute his courage, and his commitment.

Oyebode Babajide writes from Ado Ekiti.

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