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The man Idowu Sunday Afuye(I.S.A) and his journey in the political terrain by Oyebode Babajide

Former deputy governoship candidate of the ADP and coordinator of the defunct Ekiti south development agenda comrade ldowu Afuye spoke about his political path from public service to physical politics.

Kings are born not made, ldowu Afuye Sunday( I.S.A) was born in Ode Ekiti some decades ago, his both parents were peasant farmers, the young ldowu started his elementary education at St Mary’s primary school Ode Ekiti, he later proceeded to Ode Ekiti high school for his secondary school education.

Idowu Afuye( l.S.A) gained admission into the then University of Ado Ekiti (U.N.A.D), where he bagged a diploma in business administration, and a B.S.C in Political science respectively.

Afuye later did his compulsory youth service engagement in OSOPADEC in Akure the Ondo state capital.


Idowu Afuye ( l.S.A)started politics in the early 90’s , as he rose to become the local government organising secretary Of the then Alliance for Democracy ( A.D) in Gbonyin local government when Chief George Akosile was the state chairman of the A.D .

Afuye later joined the civil service in 2008 in the Ekiti state teaching service before transferring his service to the Ekiti state house of assembly commission where he served meritoriously in various departments for years, before he voluntarily retired to pursue another course.

I have premonition that Aribisogan will be speaker - Afuye


Comrade ldowu Afuye’s reason for leaving the Ekiti state house of assembly at grade level” 10″ was a mystery to most of his family, friends,and associates. Afuye at a gathering of some selected friends made known of his intention to form a movement towards making a person from Ekiti south his senatorial district, which has not taken a shot at governoship become the next governor of Ekiti state, ldowu rallied round some likeminds and formed a group known as Ekiti south development agenda.

Afuye( l.S.A) transversed the length and breath of Ekiti state and Nigeria seeking support for Ekiti south candidates in various Political parties to emerge candidate in major their various Political parties, a project he pursued rigorously, until major political parties did not pick their candidates from Ekiti south, ldowu Afuye moved forward, and upon intense pressure accepted to be the deputy governoship candidate of the Action Democratic party ( A.D.P) where he continued hampering on the Ekiti south people inclusiveness in governance, but alas his efforts in the A.D.P yielded no effort, thus, moved ahead to the A.P.C the rulling government picked Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji BAO, a typical home breed and Hon Chief Mrs Monisola Afuye from Ekiti south as deputy governor.

Every generation out of relative obscurity must define it’s mission, it is either he it’s mission or betrays it, he immediately kick started movement towards making the BAO/ MCA project a reality as he saw genuinty and typical Omoluabi tendencies in the duo.

During the gubernatorial election Afuye was up and down, moving members of his defunct party the A.D.P in various local governments to the A.P.C, one step he took that made him step on toes.

Afuye love and believe in Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji BAO pitched him against many of his followers and his kinsmen, who believed he was overstepping his boundaries due to his noticeable and various activities during the election period, but to Afuye he was trying to make his impact felt in his new Political party.

Afuye’s move and relationship with some members of the party and some people who are not happy with his activities has turned him to a bad entity before some people in the political circle, what a serious misconception and wickedness, man’s inhumanity to man.

Comrade ldowu Afuye has been going up and and down despite all odds preaching the message of BAO and eulogizing his various commendable achievement.

Comrade ldowu Afuye and his team has remain committed to the BAO led administration and working towards the success of the administration.

Politics anyway according to Harold Laswell is” who gets what how and when” but despite conscience remains an open wound.

Afuye stands solidly behind BAO his principal as against mischief from certain quarters.

May Gov Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji BAO administration succeed.


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