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Why I’m leaving comedy -Basketmouth

Popular comedian Bright Okpocha, aka Basketmouth, told why he wants to leave comedy.

It turned out that the multi-talented artist last year announced his intention to leave the cheat sheet hacking industry in a few years.

Speaking on a recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast hosted by media personality Nedu, Basketmouth said he wanted to retire from comedy to focus on his dream of creating his own industry.

He said, “When I started my comedy career, when I started my career with rap, I started with this. Then I started playing drums. Music is coming from the drums, which is getting smaller and smaller. I produced my first wey music na like in 1995.

“It was a time when I was trying to mix hip-hop and afrobeat. But we’re not subs, so we don’t work too hard. But we tried.

“When I come, tell me that I happen to be acting in a comedy. I’m not planning a comedy, because comedy is just them. But when I come and see everything, I come and say, “Okay, Bright, you need to start figuring out how you want to do this thing [comedy].

“My intention is to build my own industry. I don’t want to be part of the industry as such. That’s why, if you notice in time, I don’t stick my nose into sitcoms. I don’t stick my nose into movies. I’m working on a movie right now. I don’t go to music concerts. I do participate in comedy shows. I see, they say that I don’t touch everywhere. I’m not releasing an album.”

Basketmouth said he stopped performing in stand-up comedies and hosting events six years ago, but many didn’t notice.

He said he quit because he didn’t like the job of a presenter, and he struggled a lot with it.

He said, “Then I reach one point, I get tired. I say “it’s not fair” because it’s not sweet. What I was blessed with was the talent of a stand-up comedian. I won’t be an MS anymore. On IK dem, all these people, they will be leading. We come by force. When I reach one point, I’ll say I won’t do it again. Six years ago I came here to escape from MC events.

“Since I am returning to work [MC], I have fully resumed work this year. I come in and say, “Bright, you’ve been out of shape for five years, you’re out of shape for the rest of your life doing comedies, so limit your term to five years so you have time to do it. E fit doesn’t even last up to five years. So go ahead and get some time to focus on other things.”

Basketmouth added: “To be honest, I feel like I don’t have the foundation for everything I want to do. Don’t be where I want them to be this time. There is a plan, but I need to do it all.”

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