Fuji star Alabi Pasuma loses mum

Wasiu Alabi Odetola, better known as Pasuma, a Fuji superstar, has lost his mother.

Thursday night, the performer made the announcement that Alhaja Adijat Kuburat (Iyawo Anobi) had passed away.

Pasuma, 55, issued a brief statement to the public via his Instagram account.

“My ring! I will always miss you! I’m out of words! “Please keep an eye on me from heaven, rest in peace and power,” he wrote.

The post created in excess of 3,500 remarks in 60 minutes, as family, companions, partners, and fans dropped sympathy messages.

Pasuma, also known as Oganla of Fuji, was born in Mushin, Lagos State. He spent his childhood in Kwara State and began writing songs in 1984.

The music phenom, whose humble upbringing led to his rise to fame as a performer, actor, and businessman, was raised by his mother after the separation of his father from his mother.

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