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Gov Oyebanji Cautions Rulers, Chiefs Against Unfortunate Contention In Ekiti

The Ekiti State government, led by Governor Biodun Oyebanji, has issued a warning to the monarchs and chiefs of 140 towns in the state against incessant rivalry.

According to the Ekiti government, monarchs were ordained authorities in their domains who should be venerated by chiefs to prevent the royalty from being desecrated.

The government argued that such unhealthy and violent actions could pose a serious threat to the peaceful coexistence and stability of the state.

The warning was issued in Ado Ekiti by the Deputy Governor, who was represented in her office by Mr. Abayomi Opeyemi. He was brokering a truce in a chieftaincy standoff between the Owa of Odo – Ayedun, Oba Ilesanmi Ajibade, and the Chief Olotin of the community, Folorunso Ajayi.

Owa wrote a letter to the Deputy Governor on March 31, 2023, in which he accused Olotin of trying to forcefully install some chiefs in his quarters in a flagrant violation of tradition and chieftaincy law. The government intervened by acting as a mediator.

The monarch claimed that the fact that his palace had not been officially communicated via letter, as required by law and custom, made him feel threatened and embarrassed, forcing him to take action to prevent a security breach.

After listening to the disputing parties, Mrs. Afuye gave his verdict on the conflict during the interaction and instructed Chief Olotin to write a formal letter to Owa to get his approval before the installation so peace could reign.

In addition, the Deputy Governor pleaded with the monarch to acknowledge receipt of the letter and reduce the number of days required to write it in order to accommodate the April 7, 2023 installation.

The Ekiti State government, led by Governor Biodun Oyebanji, has issued a warning to the monarchs and chiefs of 140 towns in the state against incessant rivalry.

“Undesirable competition between our rulers and bosses has turned into a repetitive decimal, which represents a serious danger to our networks. Lead representative Biodun Oyebanji as a harmony sweetheart will not permit this to go on so it won’t putrefy and accelerate into disorder.

“On this matter, I believe that Chief Olotin needed to write a letter to Owa for posterity. Sending kola nuts alone was obsolete and out molded. Let us uphold our heritage while also allowing for some modernity when it is necessary.

“In the past, the only method of communication was to send Kolanuts, but many of our chiefs are now able to read and write. Because they are educated, I think Chief Olotin should write down the names of the chiefs he wants to install and send them to Kabiyesi to get his permission to avoid a bad situation.

“Even if the letter does not meet the nine-day notice requirement that tradition requires for peace to reign, the monarch should also permit the installation to take place on April 7, 2023, as planned. As a sign of respect for royalty, the delegation that will deliver the letter to Kabiyesi must be led by a prominent Chief from Ere quarters.

“Chieftaincy is presently a result of documentation and to that end, we have the Chieftaincy Statement that was irrefutably factual for every one of the towns to direct our activities in managing chieftaincy issues”.

Chief Folorunso Ajayi claimed in his response to refute the monarch’s claim that his quarters broke the law and tradition by communicating with the palace.

Boss Ajayi added that he has no great explanation to take endorsement from Owa prior to introducing his bosses as guaranteed, saying he partakes in some degree of independence going on the well-established custom and customs of the town.

I communicated appropriately with the palace. In keeping with the established custom, I sent three Kolanuts to Kabiyesi. I’m not confusing anyone. Our collective decision, not Owa’s unilateral decision, will determine whether a letter is necessary for modernizing our tradition. That was the bone of dispute.

“We will adhere to this decision to notify Owa by writing a letter to him with the intervention of the government today.” I’m for my town’s growth and peace. He stated, “All I want is that tradition be preserved.”

Chief Biodun Aluko, a community leader advocating for peace, stated that the chieftaincy declaration of Ekiti State continues to be the most powerful regulatory instrument controlling the installation of chiefs. He urged the town to strictly adhere to the government’s position in order to prevent unjustified insurrection.

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