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APC Is An Empty Party In Ondo State – Popular APC Stewart Reveals

Popular APC Stewart in Ondo town, Mr Aseyege Olaitan, popularly known as Alayo, is not known for holding back his tongue.

But on Saturday, he craftily avoided endorsing the presidential candidate of his party, Bola Tinubu, and revealed that APC is an empty party in Ondo State.

Mr Aseyege revealed this after Asiwaju Tinubu, the presidential aspirant of the party declaration in Ondo State, on Saturday, January 7.

However, Aseyege expressed this due to the failure of his party in both the state, the federal level, and the crisis in his party.

He later dropped the ball that he was sitting on the fence, looking at what the future would predict regarding the party, but emphasized the emptiness of the party in Ondo State.

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