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Police Officers Mistakenly Break into Gov Oyebanji’s Aide relations, Steal Phone in Ekiti

The technical assistant to Governor Biodun Oyebanji of Ekiti State, on social media, Mr Adesoji Gabriel, complained about how armed Nigerian police officers broke into the house of a suspected relative identified as Adojutelegan Kunle Joshua in Ikere-Ekiti.

Gabriel said in a Facebook post on Friday that Joshua told him his house was stormed by suspected police officers, but he ran into the bushes out of fear that they were kidnappers.

His post reads: “I woke around 6 am to do my morning prayers but before I could, I reached out for my phone, to see my friend’s and brother’s missed called, I realized that he called around 12am, very unusual of him, I suspected it’s a distress call, I immediately called him back, after the third time, Adojutelegan Kunle Joshua picked his phone, panicking, “Egbon I am in trouble, Kidnappers Abi Na Police invaded our room last night, I broke my leg while trying to escape, my room was burgled, not certain of what was taken from my room yet but seem they took my laptop and phone, I will get back to u when I am sure of what they took” Joshua was really trembled muttering these words…where are you, I asked him, I am in a bush at the moment, that’s where me and my neighbour slept, he replied.

Police Officers Mistakenly Break into Gov Oyebanji's Aide relations, Steal Phone in Ekiti

“You don dey do Yahoo, I asked him. No egbon was his reply, Yahoo boys dey stay Ur hood? I can’t be sure Egbon but my neighbour is working in my office, so I know he is not into cyber crime too, did u rape or steal anybody’s property, I asked him? Egbon don’t u trust me? he replied, I said police only act on intelligence that’s why I’ve to be sure before venturing into a case I want to, knowing Josh to be a committed and hardworking young man, the next I could say is shai I no get fuel was what I said next, ok I will get across to you shortly. No thanks to MTN as the network was really sucking.

“I was able to reach some top persons in Nigerian Police Forum and pleaded they look into it and let us know what happened. I was reaching out to some of my top military guys and as well lawyers… I seek their advice, and they said Joshua should go home, I advise Joshua to go home when it’s dawn.”

It was further disclosed that Joshua sustained injuries while trying to escape. He later discovered that his phone had been stolen by the police officers.

He continued: “Joshua got home with broken leg and his house had been vandalised, only his all phone was taken, his laptop was on his bed, just only his small.

“He called me back, Egbon they said it’s policemen that invaded our house and we were told to get to their head office along Ikere road within 24 hours.

“I called friends and they said I shud go with him, but still I no get fuel, so I asked him to go after trying to go by public transport but there is a scarcity of vehicle on the road… stayed like 30 mins no vehicles. I really appreciated those who also encouraged him to go.

“Finally by 12:14 pm Joshua summon courage to go to Ikere head office police along BOUESTI road, and what the DPO could tell him was that they’re sorry, they got the wrong information, that they could go home in peace, I was like what?

“Who pays for the broken leg(s), vandalised door(s), who pay for the traumatic experience all over the night?”

“Joshua is a Gentleman to the core, which I know but people change, reason why I was careful before venturing into the case. So if Policemen are now saying it’s a mistake, I mean such a huge mistake, No that’s unfair to humanity, that’s unfair to the young man, that is unfair to hard work and diligence of this young man,” he added.

Police relation officer, Sunday Abutu said about Gabriel’s claim, the Police Command appeared to be unaware of the incident.


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