How To Solve Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, Queried Registration Issue

The Corporate Affairs Commission abbreviated CAC, is a body responsible for company registration in Nigeria.

Globalgistng revealed that all Nigerian company registration applications must be submitted directly to the CAC. The powers and authority of the CAC come from the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020 (CAMA).

There are many Nigerians who encounter registering their businesses or company and the CAC gives many queries after applying for re-assessment.

The CAC will notify query on your email and advise you to visit the CAC dashboard to fix the error.

“Dear Sososo, Your Application has been queried. Kindly log in to your dashboard to resolve your query”. Corporate Affairs Commission sent a message to you via email.

Query in your CAC dashboard is required to fix an issue in your business name and company registration and re-submitting the application for re-assessment.

Some of the reasons your application may be rejected or queried include:

An issue with uploading your ID
Error with your signature
Recouch object
Size of your document
Reconcile voting percentage for limited liability
No query reason
Duplication of directors’ or proprietor’s details
Proprietor’s address
Discrepancies in the data of trustees
Failure to follow the prescribed file format
Failure to follow the prescribed photo or document size
These are the terms above used whenever you have queries

“Recouch object”
Recouch object simply means you have to rephrase the nature of your business. It means you have to use the right words that convey the nature of the business.

You are most likely to get a “recouch object” query if you failed to properly describe the nature of your business. Simply put, use simple and understandable words to describe the services your business will be offering.

Uploaded Documents
If you already uploaded these docs and were flagged, it’s either the photos were larger than the required size or blunt (not clear enough).

To rectify the problem:

Scan your ID
Append your signature on a white paper and scan it to the required size
Go back to your portal to upload
Click on query
Submit and mark as resolved
The space to upload a new document can be found on the last page of your registration portal.

If you already uploaded documents, click on it to upload a new one, which will automatically replace the old one.


This is better done on a laptop or desktop computer to get the best result. If you are using an Android device, it’s better to use Chrome, Mozilla, or Bing browser and switch to desktop view, Infomediang reports.

Duplication Of Directors Or Proprietor’s Details
You may encounter this issue as a Public User Account, to resolve this issue,

Login to your account
Click “Profile” to edit your profile information
Choose Edit
Complete and correct all the fields
Click the “Save” button
Head back to the dashboard
Choose “delete” on the duplicated entry
Mark as resolved, that’s all
Name Substitution Query
If your name application is successful, you shouldn’t sleep with your eyes closed, you might still get queries on the name reservation from the CAC review team.

So, if CAC asks you to change the approved name for the entity after you’ve submitted the application for registration, here is what to do:

Go ahead to reserve another name
Select “Name substitution” as a reason for the name reservation.
When the name is approved, log in to CRP
Click on the “resolve query” on your dashboard.
That’s all
“No Query Reason”
No query reason for CAC registration

In the course of resolving some of the reasons why your application may be rejected, we’ve seen a flagged submission where the query reason wasn’t stated.

To solve this problem, simply run a check on your application, and ensure that your profile aligns with the details in your submission (unless you’re an accredited agent).

To resolve this issue

Check that there are no discrepancies in your data
Then “mark as resolved” and resubmit.
Your submission would be reviewed and approved.


We’ve also seen a situation whereby you only need to mark it as resolved and wait for a review again, Infomediang reports.

Difficulty In Uploading Picture, Signature, Or Document?
Some of the reasons your application may be rejected under the uploading of the document include:

If your signature is a blur
If your passport is not clear
If your document is above the required size
Let’s take the above issue one after the other:

Blur Signature:
To resolve the issue of blur signatures:

Append your signature on plain paper
Snap and crop the paper
If the size is more than 5MB, use the photo cropping tool eg
Upload and submit
Format for signature should be JPEG or PNJ
Blur Passport Photo
If your passport photo is a blur, take a new one and follow the process above to ensure that it isn’t above 5MB

Upload and submit
Format for a photo should be JPEG or PNJ
Converting Documents To PDF
First, ensure that you follow the required file format and size. If you are asked to upload a PDF format document, you can simply open the document on your laptop and convert it to whatever format is required.

If you are finding this difficult, go online, and search for “how to convert document to PDF”

Follow the process and ensure that each document isn’t above 5MB

Upload and submit
More Than Required File Size
If your documents are more than the required size, you’d either find it difficult to upload or your application would be queried. If your documents are a blur, your application would be rejected.

To resize it, you can use the photo resizing tool

Upload and submit


Ensure that your photo and documents are in the prescribed format.

How To Resolve Error In Reserved Name
If you reserved a business or company name and you later discovered that there is an error, don’t fret, here is how to resolve it:

The first solution is to wait till the expiration of the reservation which is usually 60 working days.

The second option is to proceed with the registration and submit an application for a change of name after registration.

Our take:

It’s better to wait till the expiration of the name reservation or apply for another name. You’re most likely to spend more time and money when you apply for a change of company or business name

Inability To Login To Your Portal
In case you’re handling the registration by yourself, you’re most likely to encounter the error report “Not Authorised” when you try to login to your portal

Check to ensure that you’re using the appropriate email address and password. If you’ve forgotten your password


Click reset passport

Check your inbox and click the reset link to reset your password

Use the new credentials to log in, that’s all

Why Business Name Registration Suddenly Become Popular In Nigeria
Evidence of business registration is one of the key requirements to access some of the CBN survival funds and other funding opportunities.

Along the way, some of them faced different problems. One such is CAC queried registration issue. We’ll tell you how to resolve this problem in case you come across it in the course of your business registration.

What To Do If You Are Asked To Increase Issued Share Capital
You may be asked to increase share capital if the company’s issued share capital is lower than the prescribed issued share capital for the proposed object(s).

you have two available options to resolve this issue:

Remove the specific object(s) completely

Increase the issued share capital to meet the prescribed minimum issued share capital.

If the second option is your choice, then filing fees and stamp duties should be paid on the increase through and respectively.

When payment is completed, log in to your portal and upload receipts as “OTHERS” under the upload options.

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