S3x With Dog: Kemi Olunloyo Exposes The Reason Behind It

The ritualist I interviewed in 2014 at the Herbalist market in Ibadan told me today that billionaires paying N2M to the young ladies having intercourse with dogs is a money ritual act. It is NOT for porn.

The dog � is later sacrificed and they become “WEALTHIER”�


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Baba Ahmed has a stall in the market selling animal skin hides and weird plants�he claims can stop your enemies from attacking you and other juju potions. I went to buy Agbo for my skin when I bumped into his stall full of several dead and dried animals.

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Highly disturbing � Aside from knowing young girls have exchanged semen with a dog that’s going to be killed, that girl is already contaminated for life. Infections, infertility and even severe ptsd.

One lady said she had sex with 7 dogs for N10M. Baba Ahmed said it’s for the 7 days of the week.

These are very sad times in Nigeria. #Kemified� urges families to speak to the young ladies in their families.

These acts of Beastiality is not healthy physically and spiritually.

The hunger for money is real. These girls contaminate other men. Wear condoms. Be careful out there

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