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Ekiti 2022: ADC raises alarm over destruction of billboards of Gubernatorial candidates

Ahead of the 2022 governorship election in Ekiti State, the campaign billboards and posters of the governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Dr Oluwole Oluyede, have been destroyed by hoodlums.

It was gathered that the billboard located in the Housing area and some areas in Ado Ekiti, the State capital was alleged to have been destroyed in the early hours of Friday.

In a statement released by the Wole Oluyede Campaign Organisation WOCO’s Director of Media, Gboyega Adeoye said the posters and billboards of ADC governorship candidate, Oluwole Oluyede across the state have been destroyed by perceived political opponents.

The WOCO condemned, in strong terms, the ongoing vandalisation of its billboards by people it refers to as ‘pained competitors giving up too early.

Adeoye said a series of vandalisation were visited on posters and billboards of Dr Wole Oluyede, the governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), across the state by perceived political opponents.

He said: “We woke up this morning to be bombarded with phone calls from across the state that some agents of darkness, pained by our rising political profile, have resolved to visit their anger on our posters and billboards in a vain attempt to stop a moving train with bare hands.

“We came out with few posters and billboards as a mark of assurance to the good people of Ekiti State, wickedly oppressed, dehumanised and yearning for freedom through our Lead Compatriot, Dr Oluyede.

“We never knew that the Star Readers, like their ancient allies who saw the future of Christ before his parents, are in tab with the rising popularity of Oluyede and his party and have also resolved to act negatively and swiftly.


“They are bent on killing the baby that is destined to rule the world and offer salvation to a traumatised people upon who the Lord has pronounced: ‘Arise and Shine’.

“They have failed,” Adeoye said.

The campaign Media head, however, said it would not be intimidated or be discouraged in the lingering drive to fix Ekiti State by taking power from the raging locusts and enemies of the people who have seized them by the jugular over time.

Rather than be discouraged, Adeoye said ADC would become stronger in publicity and enlightenment of the downtrodden by removing the veils from the deceived, liberating those held in political captivity overtime.

“We are not unmindful of the fact that only trees with juicy fruits attract stones.

Our support base is with the people, the toiling farmers, artisans, pensioners, the unemployed and the general masses, who look unto Dr Oluyede and the ADC to come to their rescue.

“We have given them our words of hope and this we shall fulfil, no matter the distractions,” Adeoye said.

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