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Journalist Flogged & Slapped By Soldiers At MKO Abiola Stadium Stampede Scene

A journalist, Shina Oludare has recounted his experience following crowd trouble at the MKO Abiola Stadium yesterday.

While recording a stampede scene at the entrance of the M.K.O Stadium, d military (3 army & several policemen) attacked me, flogged d hell out of me & broke my phone despite identifying myself as a journalist with my accreditation hung around my neck. #NGAGHA

I was not given a chance to express myself as slaps landed on my face. In my over 12 years in this profession, I have never been this humiliated.

Double tragedy! Im devastated

The zeal to work has disappeared and I don’t know where to start. I just hope we don’t record any casualties. Organisation zero, crowd control zero. Nigeria, we love disgracing ourselves.

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