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Arise TV Anchor, Rueben Abati Calls Reporter “Mannerless” For Addressing Him as Rueben on Live Show

Former Presidential spokesman and a programme anchor at Arise Television, Dr. Rueben Abati, on Friday went angry on a live show with a reporter who addressed him by his first name.

Mary Chindah, a reporter of the television station in Abuja, had gone to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport for a live coverage of the arrival of Nigerians who were evacuated from Romania.

The reporter, who addressed Abati as Reuben a number of times, got the anchor man angry when he asked her if she was present at his naming ceremony.

Rueben Abati Calls Reporter “Mannerless” For Addressing Him as Rueben on Live Show

The remark is commonly used among Yoruba who want to establish seniority especially of the age.

At a point, Abati told the reporter he would tell her about his history and profile in the field of journalism in Nigeria.

Describing the reporter as “mannerless” on live television, the presenter of The Morning Show exhibited visible anger before millions of audience watching.

However, sensing that Abati’s mood had created some foul atmosphere on air, another presenter and analysis, Emmanuel Efeni said he would not mind to be addressed “Emma” by anyone.

NPO Reports gathered that the today occurrence on air has sent tongues wagging among staff of the organization who are said to have described Abati’s action as high handedness.

The action has also attracted wide range of criticisms.

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