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Why Many People Pray And Don’t Get Answers To Their Prayers?

Prayer is an interaction with God, Jesus gave out a template on how prayers are to be made, this is called the Lord’s prayer.

The following are some of the principles of prayer.

  1. Prayer is to be addressed to the Father. Not that we cannot pray to Jesus, or address the holy Spirit but however it is not ideal, this is because there are roles and positions in the Trinity. The father is the primary source and father of us all including Jesus. Therefore prayers should be addressed to God the father not Jesus.

2 God should be addressed with absolute reverence and honor, our whole attention should be focused on the prayer, our language should be one of maximum honor and respect.

  1. Our prayers should be kingdom centered not self centered to gratify our flesh remember he is the father of all spirits.
  2. What we ask should be according to his will, not our lust .

5.prayers should be in the name of Jesus for this is our authority and right.

Five things every Christian should know about prayer
  1. Avoid vain repetition, our words should be few.
  2. Prayers of warfare of warfare and deliverance should be done in christ authority.
  3. Don’t demand for the death of any body, that alone can cancel your prayer.
  4. Your spirit should be connected with the spirit of God, edify your spirit.
  5. Praises and Thanksgiving should fill your heart instead of complaining and murmurings.
  6. Ask what you need.

12 when praying listen to what the spirit is saying, after prayer expect what you have asked.

  1. Dont tempt God. Like asking God for healing but ignore medical warning or refuse treatment, asking God for good result but you don’t read, or knowing something is not right for you but asking God to give you anyway.
  2. Some prayers actually need to be back up with fasting, some prayers need to be prayed prophetically, there are prayers we need to pray with other believers, that is why we must listen to the holy spirit ( I am going to write on how the holy spirit speak to us some day).
  3. Infact before stating your request examine yourself to see if there is iniquity in you, ask for forgiveness and for the Lord to cleanse you and also you must have forgiven others also.
    An unforgiven person cannot hope to get forgiveness but as Christians we forgive because christ has forgiven us.

Some Christians do not believe in asking God for the forgiveness of their sins because the scripture says God has already forgiven us.

While indeed we are forgiven of our sins in christ, however we still need to sanctify ourself and these require that we ask for forgiveness of our sins.

People do not get answers to their prayers because they pray wrongly.

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