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BREAKING: Putin Puts Russian Nuclear Deterrent Forces On ‘High Alert’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces to be put on high alert in response to what he calls aggressive statements from NATO.

We are dealing with an increasingly unstable man here folks. It’s all a joke until the unthinkable happens.
This is a dramatic escalation of events.

Putin has ordered Russia’s nuclear weapons prepared for increased readiness to launch citing hard hitting financial sanctions imposed by the West against Russia, including Putin himself (and his Oligarchs) as a reason.

Vladimir Putin is dangerously unstable. Watch the one hour diatribe on the history of the Soviet Union he made on the eve of the attack and you realize we are dealing with an increasingly unstable and isolated man.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, June 23, made an address to the citizens of the country, during which he summed up the main results of the fight against Coronavirus infection in the country over the past three months

His intelligence chief is scared of him.

Putin is trying to hold the world hostage with nuclear weapons. For those who think sanctions will be ineffective, think again.

These are hard hitting sanctions.

It’s gonna get progressively worse…and so will Vladimir Putin’s mental state

Russian forces have taken heavy losses in recent days. Now the losses may be exaggerated by Ukraine.

Russian will win. Ukraine is no match…but the cost of victory will be prohibitively too expensive as more sanctions pour in.


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