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2023: Rochas Okorocha Officially Declares bid To Run For President

Today, I publicly declare, my intentions to run for the post of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A time comes when tough and necessary decisions that shape what would become the history of our Dear Nation are to be made. These decisions are not to be influenced by sentiments, fear or personal interest.

Our nation’s collective interest is that which should guide the making of these decisions.

Passion for our people should be the foundation of these decisions.

This morning, after careful considerations and consultations, while putting the greatness of our nation foremost, I would be publicly announcing my decision to join the race to become the 5th democratically elected President of our great and blessed nation Nigeria.

Join me live via my Facebook page as the event would be covered live for your viewing pleasure.

We truly can make Nigeria great again. And indeed, Together… We Will.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

A NEW NIGERIA IS POSSIBLE by His Excellency Ugwumba Uche Nwosu

My good friends, followers, political and business associates across the country, I present to you, Owelle Rochas Okorocha… A man that fears God, a successful businessman, who has tasted poverty and understands what it means to be hungry and to drop out of school when your mates are in school.

I present to you, a man, whose compassion for the poorest of the poor is the only reason he established the Rochas Foundation Colleges in 1999 and has since then continued to provide FREE education, FREE food and FREE clothing to over 25,000 children from across the country and Africa.

I am proud to present to you, a man who through his Foundation has trained for Nigeria, Medical Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Police and Military Officers, who are today contributing to the growth and development of our country, Nigeria.

I am proud to present to you, a boss like no other, a mentor and a role model to millions of Nigerians around the world. A man that taught us how to give and to put smiles on the faces of others as a way of life.

I present to you, a man that is 100% detribalized. A man that was born in the East, raised in the North and did business in the West. A man, who can do anything for the peace and stability of this country.

I present to you, Senator Owelle Rochas Okorocha, the man that knows how to implement a Quality and Compulsory FREE Education in Nigeria, come 2023!

A New Nigeria is Possible!

Global Gist Nigeria

Contact/Whatsapp No: +2348137451665, Twitter: @globalgistng1, Facebook: globalgistng, Email: [email protected]

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