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Pastors should not curse – Ibiyeomie under attack over ‘Yahoo boys’

The founder of Salvation Ministry, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, has come under attack for cursing internet fraudsters popularly called ‘Yahoo boys’.

Ibiyeomie, while preaching in his church recently, said ‘Yahoo boys’ would get into car accidents because their activities have led to the death of some persons who they have scammed off their retirement benefits.

He also laid curses on police officers who release arrested ‘Yahoo boys’ after collecting bribes from them.

His comments have since stirred reactions on social media as some Nigerians opined that a man of God should not lay curses on anyone.

Some berated him for focusing on ‘Yahoo boys’ while Nigerian politicians steal funds meant for the masses.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter;

@Winston “Pastor Ibiyeomie condemning Yahoo boys will make more sense if he can use the same energy to attack Nigerian politicians. If Buhari decides to visit his church today, he would prepare for him but Buhari is the greatest ‘Yahoo boy’ ever.”

@Chiukwu2 “Pastor Ibiyeomie should also remember that Yahoo Boys are in the Nigeria Police Force, Governors of States and in the National Assembly as Senators. Despite being indicted by foreign governments like the USA they are still untouchable. I’m yet to hear any pastor call them out.”

@Simtasiturn “Pastor Ibiyeomie’s comment on Yahoo boys is spot on! Yahoo boys should be regarded, treated and dealt with as common thieves. They fraudulently take people’s money and claim it belongs to their ancestors who were taken as slaves. What useless ancestors.”

@John82″ If the politicians are doing the right things and the pastors are preaching the right things I don’t think we will have yahoo boys; we have three types of 419 , those with laptops, those with mic and those with pen.”

@Mario “What’s the difference between Yahoo boys and pastors? One is legal and the other is not right? It’s the same objective. Force pretense to collect money from people. All acting and duping people.”

@Toondey “Now, let me condemn the action of this man too, if you are a pastor, a man of God to be precise, you believe you are a Christian, as in a Christ like, you don’t curse someone you wish to gain his or her soul, even Christ didn’t curse the sinners during his time.”

@Investormb “I’m always surprised and still asking myself who is the thief between pastor and yahoo boy. You’re using offering money to buy car lol, the money that is supposed to be used to repair something in church or feed the orphans, you’re also using it to feed your family.”

@Duruaku Sandra “No matter how you intend to place it Yahoo isn’t good but placing a curse was totally unnecessary. Them never curse politicians finish.Upon all the people wey Buhari and he cows kill I’ve never seen any so called man of God publicly placed curse on him.”

@DavidOk “Why hasn’t this man called out the Government that loots and embezzle money. I don’t want to say much but there is definitely no much difference between Him, the Government and Yahoo boys so called.”

@Toondeyh “I’m not saying what yahoo boys are doing is good, but come to think of it, flash back to years like 2010, where the situation of this country has not gotten to this stage, was the rate of yahoo boys as much as this?”

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