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Photo: “See Why The Rich Run From The Poor”- Blessing Okoro

Blessing Okoro has shared her chat with an artist who did a portrait of her then asked for a huge sum when she offered to buy it from her.

The “relationship therapist” said the “random fan” drew her and shared it on Instagram story and she asked the fan to frame it and send it to her.

She explained that the fan then framed the photo and demanded N120K from her.

Sharing her chats with the fan, Blessing said this is the reason the rich run from the poor because they are always trying to rip them off.

See their chats and Blessing’s caption on the matter below.

‘Let us judge this matter
So a random fan drew me, put it in her story, I saw it and acknowledged it, to support her I said frame it and send me I will pay for it. According to her she framed it and asked me to pay 120kv, added her account no. I felt irritated, I ignored her, she brought it down to 70k Now its funny how she is giving me price for something I willing wanted to buy to reciprocate love back . So I kuku told her to take it to the art gallery and sell it for same price . Funny enough I get art works over 12 as gifts free. Now you see why the rich run from the poor Now you see why people especially celebrities never respond to you , because you always want to rip them off. Change your mind set and stop being a collected, honestly I wanted to dash her 100k. Learn to be a aiver. vou must not always collect.’

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