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Approach 2022 with patriotism – Ekiti traditional rulers

The Ekiti State Council of Traditional Rulers has advised Ekiti indigenes and Nigerians at large to approach 2022 with patriotic minds to serve the country in the most profitable and dignifying fashion.

A statement signed by the Council’s Chairman and Onisan of Isan Ekiti, Oba Gabriel Ayodele Adejuwon, said what the country requires now for its political stability and economic rebirth is having the leaders and followers displaying uncommon patriotism.

Oba Adejuwon added that with the rebranding of minds and attitudes, the country will overcome all its diverse challenges, especially the hard-biting economic situation and insecurity causing kidnappings, killings, and terrorism in the system.

The Council Chairman stated that no nation can grow when the citizens are showing extreme hopelessness and despondency about the country’s challenges and future.

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Oba Adejuwon specifically appealed to politicians of Ekiti extraction to approach the next governorship election with civility, advising that no election was worth the blood of any Ekiti person.

“As custodians of the traditional institution, we owe it a duty to stabilise our communities and ensure that we have a nation we can all be proud of. A nation that can deliver and meet our aspirations and protect all of us as citizens,” the statement read.

“To achieve these, all of us must do self- reexaminations and correct those syndromes we exhibited that were affecting the corporate progress, stability, and peace of our nation.

“In all our dealings in the new year, let us pray for our nation and work for its progress. We must make the requisite sacrifices for our nation to rise again and assume leadership in Africa and become a global force in terms of economic prosperity and rebranded politics”.

Oba Adejuwon urged the politicians in Ekiti not to perceive the 2022 election as a do-or-die contest, saying such a tendency could sabotage the process and ignite violence of serious dimension that can come with dire consequences.

“As we go into the new year, let us search our minds and do what is right and justiceable. If we do these, we should all be expecting that the coming year will bring good tidings for all of us,” he said.

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