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Angry youths storm party chairman’s house for hoarding bags of Rice in Ekiti

There was a commotion in the early hours of today at the Moferere community part of Ado Ekiti as angry youths from Ado Ekiti Ward one stormed the house of Mr. Kayode Oladimeji aka chair of the chair for hoarding bags of Rice given to his ward for onward distribution to the aged, disabled, widows and party members.

Mr. Kayode Oladimeji had earlier taken custody of 23 bags of Rice given to his ward by politicians.

Trouble started when information surfaced that the Seven beneficiaries of the Covid-19 loan given to each of the 177 wards in Ekiti were not from ward One .

It is alleged that instead of giving the loan to the youth in his ward, he collided with other politicians in Ado Ekiti ward one to give the loans to people who are from other towns and villages in Ekiti and had some given to his girlfriends and concubines.

In the previous empowerments done by politicians where names of the people from his ward are expected to be seen as beneficiaries, he was alleged to have substituted Ado ward one people with that of his girlfriends and concubines
The youth got irked and upset with this development and demanded to know who included the names of unknown persons into the beneficiary list of Ado -Ekiti Ward One.

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The youths angrily asked Mr. Kayode Oladimeji and other accomplices in Ado Ward one to give an account of the bags of Rice given to his ward for festivity.

The youths stormed Mr. Kayode’s house in the early hour of today and demanded the bags of Rice in his possession.

It was said that he had earlier arranged for some people to take the bags of rice out of his house before the arrival of the youth but luck ran against him as the youth stormed his house and took 19bags to Ado Ward one and have it shared with less-privileged, widows and the aged.

As at the time of filing this report, Mr Kayode Oladimeji is still running from pillars to post begging the youth for forgiveness.


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