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No Southerners Will Smell The Seat Of The President In This Country Again – Aminu Saira

We are just watching the actions of the Southerners against the Northerners without taking any decisive action against them because we know where we are waiting for them.

“No Southerner will smell the seat of the President in this country again. Politics is a game of number, not by education or derogatory comments.

We have the number and we are at liberty to decide who becomes the next President of this country.

“We’ve watched Southerners humiliated, insulted, abused, Killed and tortured our people and as well destroyed the means of livelihood of our people doing their legitimate businesses in the South. In all of these, we never revenged because we know where we are waiting for them.

“Any Southerner planning to contest the Presidential position of this country will receive the highest humiliation and embarrassment he has never seen all through his life. These people hate us with passion, including our religion and you don’t expect us to allow them rule us.

“We are meant to be at the top not beneath. Right from the origin of this country, we’ve not been defeated in an election and it won’t happen in 2023. They should continue destroying their region with Sit-at-home while we are planning ahead of them come 2023.

“Nnamdi Kanu has been apprehended, Igboho ran away and was caught, soon he will repatriated to join Kanu in prison forever. Let them keep insulting us, while we keep making decisions for them and their generations.”


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