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General Overseer marries 18-year old choir member as second wife

The General Overseer of the Way of Salvation Church of Jesus Christ, Calabar in Cross River State, Apostle Peter Tom Udofia, has married an 18-year-old choir member of his church as a second wife.

According to report, Udofia, 63, married Sister Blessing Jeremiah Esu in Ikot Akpang Ikpong, Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The photos circulated on social media shows that the man of God tied the knot on October 16, 2021.

As of when filling this report, it hasn’t been ascertain if the first wife attended the well-celebrated wedding.

The Calabar based General Overseer really shocked the world and Christians in general when he decided to do the unthinkable.

The 63 years old by name Udofia got married to an 18 years old choir member as a second wife. The lady in question qualifies to be the daughter of the Pastor considering the age difference between the two.

GO marries 18 years old as second wife

The wedding ceremony didn’t bother most members but this is the second marriage of the preacher man making the lady a second wife to the pastor.

Though, many Christians have suggested that there is no quotation to denounce polygamy! The Bible is not against polygamy.

It is silent on polygamy. It tolerated polygamy (Old Testament). Rape, defilement, infidelity (Leviticus) attracted punishment and NOT practice of polygamy!

Polygamy and monogamy are biblically accepted marriages. God, Jesus and the apostles never condemned polygamy anywhere. Even the people were polygamous when Jesus came but God never condemned them, not even Jesus or the Apostles.

To the Africans, monogamy is an imposition by the West! The West and some practitioners of Christianity – some spiritual churches- practise monogamy. Polygamy is criminalized in the West! Polygamy is not criminalized in Africa and the Bible!

See the photos:

GO marries 18 years old as second wife
GO marries 18 years old as second wife
GO marries 18 years old as second wife


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