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Nurse Shares Encounter With Patient That Needles Couldn’t Penetrate His Skin

A nurse took to social media to narrate her encounter with a patient whose skin could not be penetrated with a needle.

She explained that several attempts to inject the patient were futile so she reported to her superior.

It was later discovered that the man had ‘fortified his body’ so that no metal, be it bullets or knives, can penetrate his skin.

The nurse said she never believed such things could happen until she experienced it.

Other nurses then responded, sharing similar experiences.

Baby Nursev @harophiat: ‘Guyyssss!!! So I tried giving a man intramuscular injection God!!!! It didn’t enter. I reported to my superior because I felt really dumb (no be today I dey give injection na) Turns out he had used numerous fortifications against metals!!!’


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