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Addictions: Which Is Hardest To Quit? S$x, Masturbation, Drinking, Smoking

I had this conversation with some of my neighbors (three men) on which addiction was hardest to quit of womanizing, drinking and smoking.

My view was that it was womanizing, but they saw things differently from me and said it was smoking. They said it was easy to quit womanizing once the time for quitting comes, but the addiction to smoking was something else.

I had never smoked cigarettes or anything like that before, so I couldn’t say how difficult it was to quit, but I had a friend who was once a heavy smoker, but as soon as he repented and gave his life to God, that’s all. The desire was instantly extinguished! It was so strange that his friend, who knew him very well, said that if my friend could quit smoking, then he could also quit this habit, because he knew how deeply my friend was immersed in it, that he himself was like a student in action.

That was perhaps what gave me the impression that it may not be that hard to quit the habit but my neighbors begged to differ.

I expect that there are others who may see things differently from us, because I know and have had of people who drink to the point that they become seriously ill but are still not able to quit.

Some others it’s addiction to sex or masturbation that has made them to become depressed to the point of wanting to commit suicide, because they find it impossible to quit even if they know it’s destroying their lives.

Hard drugs is another strong one which has held many in serious bondage, as some go to extreme lengths to pacify the urge. One married woman started paying for it with her body, by having sex with the supplier, after she had wasted all her life savings on it and no longer had money to pay for it.

Hence it appears that it differs from person to person, as an addiction someone finds hard to quit might be easy for someone else, and vice versa, but what do you think it?


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