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Of Separatism And Of National Interest By Terry Fade Adewale

I really dont know why its that hard for some to see the big difference between agitation and treason. Where’s the nexus? If I may ask.

Its legit to agitate moderately; and I dare say there’s no distant between that and ambition. We all have ambitions, to do something or to become something. Where our ambition escalates and becomes rabid and threatening, then we would have crossed the line and let ourselves open to all sorts including letting the state come to save us from ourselves.

It’s even more dangerous when it has to do with tampering with the sovereignty of a state. Pushing an ambition – personal or corporate at that speed and level is deemed to be no more an agitation but an affront. No sovereign state can afford to overlook that.

It’s treasonable felony to threaten the security and undermine the integrity of a sovereign state. There’s a distinctive difference between agitation or ambition to obtain something and threats (open or subtle). Ambitions to cut out or agitations (as we love to call them) are not peculiar to Nigeria. It’s happening in other places, even as we speak. However, it’s not being accompanied with threats to resort to harm and damage limbs wilfully in the places as we having in Nigeria at the moment.

The most prominent is the present agitation of separatists in Scotland to break away from the United Kingdom. Even as we speak they dot the pavements of the parliament building in Westminster with placards peacefully and calmly pressing home their desire or ambition to exist separately from the UK. No war mongering, no intimidation of the people or government in whatever form. No feral gang fouling the environment through threatening behaviours or actions. And I tell you the Scottish people are crusing home with their desire.

There are far more civilized ways of going about separating from this federation. One of them certainly isn’t employing guerilla tactics and unleashing violence and massive blood letting that’s about to be dispensed in large doses.
I’m very apolitical and the man Buhari long lost me when he became clueless just like his predecessor. Importantly, I’m not a fan of the present government however ti a ba n’sokun, a si ma riran. Truth be told that Mr Igboho and his gang crossed the boundaries far too long and the government – had tolerated their insolence enough.

The sentiments that he’s fighting for a particular corner should not be the issue now. It’s not even sensible to start comparing him with bandits. Sunday Igboho is not a bandit; just another overzealous fly in the oil. In the eye of the state, Igboho is a small nylon.

Even at our level of thinking things out, we love muddling up. Many suddenly just realized Igboho is harmless even with the subdued insurrections all over the place, the heightened tension and the palpable fear his project is unleashing on the people.

Is it not in this same country this gang wilfully went to disarm custom officers at the border and threw open the borders much against the directive of the state? I’m still wondering if many of the advocates today were not here when this feral gang boasted on videos publicly of their readiness for war?

Why are some of us now claiming ignorance as to how the polity and by extension the communities have become so endangered since the threats of fire and brimstone from some of these agitators? Are we not aware that the now aborted Lagos rally was to be the culmination of it all where everything would dabaru.and start the ‘war’ if need be? Why we hiding under one finger?

For once, why don’t we purge ourselves of the bitterness for the government, the APC, Fulani and Buhari etc in order for us to see and evaluate things rationally? Why this penchant to mix kinetic with non kinetic issues? Buhari is not the state. He just happened to be our president for now.

The affront from Mr Igboho and his gang has nothing to do with a Muhammadu Buhari, but has everything to do with the state – the integrity and sovereignty of Nigeria. It’s treasonable felony to threaten a state – whole or part of it and carry on activities that undermine its sovereignty. These are the unreasonable actions that have clearly demarcated this so called agitation from banditry.

Bad as it is, banditry is a criminal enterprise. It poses lesser threat to the existence of a state. While I acknowledge that it equally deserves attention, I do not subscribe to it that banditry poses greater danger at the moment than an Igboho who was bent on plunging the nation into war.
Again, isnt it just so pathetic that we keep talking about north – south, Yoruba -Fulani dichotomy in a situation concerning national security?

I really don’t know what many would say if the government had waited for the nation to begin burning before looking for the Igbohos, the Kanus of this world. Kekere l’anpe kan uroko.

Hang on, are we really saying Buhari should have sat pretty, pretended that nothing’s threatening the unity of Nigeria and waited for these characters to carry out their threats before moving on them?


The state has enough reasons to carry out that raid and the exhibits gathered from that exercise would vindicate and justify that action. Importantly they would come handy as evidence in case of prosecution. I’m not sure an ordinary invite to the DSS office would have revealed them.
To those saying the guns were planted and not really from his house, I ask: what about the charms and amulets? And the passports? Could all those have been planted as well.

I said it long before now the separatist agenda is not sincere, any surprise that they already had their travelling documents on hand. Awon eleyi kan ma da Ogun sile and ferege ni Afterall, as warlords -under international convention they would have been eminently qualified for asylum in Europe. Eni ti ko gbon ni awe ngboo
A word is enough for the wise. We can only pray for a just trial and a humane sanction for these misdemeanours if and when our violent agitators and their naive followers eventually have their days in the court of law.


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