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Trump considered the summit of Putin and Biden unsuccessful for the United States


Moscow was left in an advantageous position following the summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden on June 16 in Geneva, while the United States “got nothing.” This was announced on Wednesday, June 16, by former American President Donald Trump.

June 16 was “a good day for Moscow,” Trump said.

“I think it was a good day for Moscow. We (USA – Ed.) Yielded the stage to Russia and got nothing, ”Biden’s predecessor shared on Fox News .

Earlier, on June 11, before the Geneva summit, Donald Trump asked Joe Biden to “stay awake” during a meeting with Vladimir Putin , and also asked the current owner of the White House to convey “warm wishes” to the head of the Russian government.

Trump opposed the demolition of monuments to former presidents in Washington

The former American president also said that the leaders of Russia and China were “mocking” Biden , and also pointed out the unwillingness of the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, to talk with the head of the American government.

Commenting on the negotiations, Joe Biden noted that they were held in a kind and positive atmosphere , and also expressed the hope that the United States has created the foundation for further relations with Russia.


Vladimir Putin also noted that the talks were held “in the same language . ”

According to him, politicians have expressed a desire to bring positions closer together . On the whole, the Russian leader assesses the past meeting positively .

The President said that during the summit, he and Biden discussed the topic of strategic stability, trade relations, regional security and cybersecurity.

The meeting between Putin and Biden took place on June 16 at the Villa La Grange in Geneva.

First, the presidents held talks in a narrow format , they lasted half an hour longer than the 1 hour and 15 minutes planned by the protocol.

After that, an expanded meeting between the delegations of Russia and the United States took place . In general, taking into account the break, the summit took about three and a half hours.



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