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Trump announces rally with his supporters in Ohio


Former US President Donald Trump will hold a rally of his supporters on June 26 in Ohio for the first time since his departure from the White House. This was reported on Wednesday, June 16, on the politician’s website.

The rally will take place at the Lorraine County Trade and Exhibition Center, southwest of Cleveland, and is scheduled to begin at 19:00 local time, according to Erie News .

Trump opposed the demolition of monuments to former presidents in Washington

Earlier, on June 15, it was reported that Trump supporters staged a rally on Lake Geneva before the summit of the head of the White House, Joe Biden, with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

They hung a banner on the yacht that said Trump won and waved the Make America Great Again flags.

Donald Trump has repeatedly called on his supporters to unite, claiming that the US presidential election in November 2020 was rigged. The courts found no evidence of this.

The politician’s calls to revise the voting results led to riots near the Congress building in January 2021.


On January 6, the American Congress was supposed to approve the results of the presidential election, according to which Democrat Joe Biden became the new head of state.

The meeting was abruptly interrupted as Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and rioted.

The day before, the Republican announced a rally in Washington.



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