Oniduromi Composer, Tolu Adelegan Reacts To Tope Alabi, Adeyinka Alaseyori Saga

Nigerian gospel artiste, Evangelist Toluwalase Adelegan, respond to the comment from his colleague Tope Alabi, who denounces the song “Oniduromi”.

The original owner of the song “Oniduromi”, Tolu Adelegan, said that she was inspired to sing the song when her church choir was preparing for an event in 2014, and after that, the Holy Spirit directed her to release the song for 2016.

Nigerian gospel singer Adeyinka Alaseyori made the song popular after she released a remix of the song earlier this year.

Alaseyori’s remix of the song makes it popular, as some popular Gospel artists condemn, misinterpreting the song by saying that he uses the word “Oniduromi” to describe God.

Oniduromi is a Yoruba word that means “My guarantor.

Why Tope Alabi criticizes the song

For one video that goes viral on social media, Tope Arabi criticizes the song, saying that the lyrics limit God, as God is beyond someone’s”Guarantor”.

She also gives reasons why gospel performers need to hear more from “God” before they release a song.

“”With all this, God will always be Kind, and everything that God has done, God is more than a Guarantor, thank you. God is not my Guarantor, God is above that, sir. ” Says Tope Alabi.

What inspire Adelegan to make the original song “ONIDUROMI”

Tribulations I faced made me sing Oniduro Mi — Adelegan

Adelegan, explained she is the original composer of the song, which was part of an album she released about seven years ago.

Globalgistng observed that the song, which is currently trending, has been sung by Tolu Adelegan, Shola Allyson and Yinka Alaseyori, at different times.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Tope Alabi criticised the song, saying God isn’t her guarantor because He’s more than a guarantor.

Tolu Adelegan, who released the original song, says that what inspired her to write and sing “Oniduromi” was due to some of the challenges she faced during that period of her life.

The year I sang this song, I went through a lot of adversity. Everything was so bad that even my children face a lot of problems. I was disappointed and tired of life. that’s when God gives me this song.

“Tope Alabi, who talks about this song ‘Oniduromi’, has her own faith. But for me, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the one who stands next to me, he is my Oniduro.”

Adelegan also clarifies the situation regarding the speculation that Alaseyori is the original owner of the song.

She says: “When I hear that Alaseyori has remake the song, I report her to Bisi Alawiye and Bukola Akinade (Ṣenwẹlẹ Jesu) her mentors, not me, to fight her.”

Adelegan says that Alawiye and Akinade talked to her about the song.

She further explained that God had inspired her to sing the song later, saying that I would let Alaseyori release the song.

I didn’t fight her because she’s like a daughter to me, but I report her to our senior colleagues. And God told me that I had to be patient until yesterday, God told me to speak out.”

Tope Alabi’s comment drew the ire of many Nigerians especially on social media platforms.

But Adelegan in the song listened to by our correspondent explained how God stood for her as a guarantor during tribulations and trials. She said: “I want to appreciate you all for what happened yesterday and for now that it is still trending.. I assure you, I won’t disappoint you.

“The video of that Oniduro mi will be out soonest.

“I thought before that I want to remix it but now I won’t remix it. I will do it the way I have done it.

“I have sold over 25,000 copies on that Album within that seven years to the glory of God but I want to do the video and I assure that on or before July ending, the video will be out. “I promise you all that the video will be out, don’t let us rush it.” She added

Adelegan urged worshippers to let Jesus be their guarantor and not seek powers of the world.

What Alaseyori Says About The Song “Oniduromi”

Oniduromi: Adeyinka Alaseyori breaks silence | The Nation

Gospel artist Adeyinka Alaseyori, who remade the song “Oniduromi” that makes it popular, has never commented directly on the matter.

Instead, she’s taking to Instagram live on Sunday, providing her fans with information about some of her upcoming events. She comments on and appreciates the number of people who come to the Instagram live video


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