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8 Important Things God Does When You Praise & Glorify Him

Here are 8 things God does when you glorify and Praise Him with a kind hearts, in holiness, joy & humbleness.

Five things every Christian should know about prayer

8 Things God does when you Praise & glorify Him

1) God acknowledges you as His son, He loves you already

2) God grant your request and desires.

3) When you praise and glorify Him constantly, in the Spirit He reveal His ways to you, He speaks to you through the Holy Spirit in you.

4) He blesses you and uplifts you for trusting in Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

5) Every form of evil spirit in you or in your presence are cast out.

6) There is presence of joy in your spirit and the presence of the Holy Spirit in the place you worship.

7) You have hope, faith and believe in Jesus Christ.

8 God blesses you with wisdom, salvation and goodness.


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