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BEDC strike over unpaid 7years tenements in Ekiti

The BEDC has thrown Ado local government, into total darkness, because the local government asked them to pay their 7 years outstanding tenements.

The MD of BEDC, Mrs Funke Osibodu, is a lawless,arrogant, heartless bully, who cheats Nigerians with the backing, support and collusion of corrupt civil servants and politicians, especially the indolent, incompetent and inglorious Buhari and his ministers.

BEDC was served demand notices for tenement and operations permit from 2014 to 2020 like every other corporate business outfits in the LG (as provided for constitutionally and within the 2020 AELGA reviewed bylaw.

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After six ignored correspondences to them without a reply, the Chairman of the local government, Mrs Motunde Fajuyi, led the management on a visit to their office, to discuss the situation.

The BEDC, remained unresponsive and when 2021, rolled in, the local government served another demand notice on them, without the tenement rates because this has been merged with the LUC for collection on agreed terms.

When there was no response of any kind, the office was sealed up for TAX EVATION! They lied that they made payment to the state IRS, only for the LG to confirm they only paid the owed backlog of PAYE!

On Monday May 10th they met with the ADO-EKITI LG mgt, pleading for a letter to state their indebtedness in order to facilitate payment before close of business that same day.

They further pleaded for payment in tranches, and the local government conceded to a 70% payment!

TVC and Tribune newspaper covered the meeting and reported same.

To the dismay of the management, instead of making payments a lawyer’s letter was brought on Tuesday 18th May, with requests contrary to and reneging on the recorded agreement.

Their PRO denied all existing agreements, thereby confirming BEDC criminal tendencies of evasion at all-time.

Consequently, they shutdown electricity supply to the local government, in order to blackmail the management to submission.

It’s a crime against the indigenes, who are forced to pay for electricity they didn’t consume, to continue to remain in darkness for a crime committed by the BEDC.

I think the State government, should reach out to Funke Osibodu and possibly sanction the BEDC for this blackmail and lawlessness.


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