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Boko Haram Is A Blessing To Nigeria — Sheikh Gumi

Nnamdi Kanu Digs Out Old Newspaper Of Sheikh Gumi Stating That “Boko Haram Is A Blessing To Nigeria”

The present state of the country has led to many secrets being revealed by some set of people in Nigeria.

Many old statements are being recalled, many old comments, orders and even news paper publications are being recalled just to reveal the truth about certain issues.

Sheikh Gumi made a statement about the Boko Haram terrorists when they started off in Nigeria, not knowing how it would turn out or how they planned to operate in the country, he sang their praises and applauded them I’m the beginning.

The self acclaimed leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB Nnamdi Kanu has dug out an old news paper where the renowned Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi was singing the praises of Boko Haram terrorists when they started off in Nigeria.

Blows Hot Again He shared a photo of the old newspaper minutes ago on his official twitter handle, which is one of the many ways he communicates with his followers.

He made some statements also about those who are supporting Nigeria and insulted them.

One would want to pick interest in what he shared online but on seeing the comments attached to his photo, how he was insulting those who are not in support of the separation of the country, one would loose interest immediately.

I will scrap out the first statement he made about Nigeria and Nigerians for the sake of opera policy, you cab check it out in the link I will provide after the picture of the old newspaper he shared online.

His first statement started with this; “There’s something sickening about #Nigeria (and he went on with the insults), he continued with the write-up below; “Sheikh Gumi, the BANDIT envoy for @NGRPresident & Obasanjo’s buddy once said “Boko Haram is a blessing to Nigerian Muslims” in Hausa language below.”

Here is a screenshot of his tweet from few minutes ago; Here is the old newspaper article he shared; The newspaper was written in Hausa language and the cleric states that the Boko Haram terrorists are blessings to Nigeria Muslims.

One would want to ask if they are still blessings to either Nigerian Muslims or any Nigerian at all.

Recall that the cleric has been sighted making bargains with bandits, where he stated that they are not really bad people.

Also recall that a northern senator, Shehu Sani went to him to plead of him on behalf of the Kidnapped Kaduna students, to help beg for their release.


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