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PHOTOS: Two Engineering Brothers Built an armored Vehicle for an Oba in Ekiti

Two Engineering Brothers from Ekiti State have manufactured and assembled Armored vehicles for the usage of the royal father, the Ajero of Ijero Ekiti, and also for the usage of the Nigeria police.

Nigeria got everything. Is it natural resources or humans? Name it, it is in surplus in this sub-Sahara part of Africa.

Wonders shall never end. That’s is a common saying which will forever remain true. It has happened again? Ask me what? Just before I let the cat out of the bag. Lemme tell you this.

Security is important in every society. We all know how insecure this country has turned out to be. Recently, kidnapping and banditry is the order of the day. It affects every strata of the society. No one is left out. It is now a reality we have to tackle with and find solution to. In a bid to find solution to it, two engineers have come up with a wonder.

In this post,I will be showing you how two brothers finally found a solution to the issue of security which now calls for quick response. These two engineer brother made a bullet-proof car. For who?

Yoruba people revere their traditional leaders. They see them as second to the gods. That’s why they follow what they say to the letters. In a bid to keep them safe, two engineer brother recently manufactured a bullet-proof car for the usage of an Ekiti monarch.

Putting up this via his official Facebook page,today, Thursday, April 15, 2021, Segun Onayinka wrote “Armoured vehicles manufactured/assembled by two engineering brothers in Ekiti state for the usage of the royal father (Ajero of Ijero Ekiti) and also for the police. Nigerians have the talent, just lacking the investment for mass production.” See the original post made below.

See the original post made below:

According to the poster, Nigerians really need investment. There is a lot the country can boost of in terms of development if the government invest in the youths. Kudos to the young engineers and to the people of Ekiti state. There is a lot this engineer can achieve if they are given the necessary support.

Here are photos taken by the Ajero of Ekiti with the two young engineers:

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