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A woman gives birth after 38 years of marriage in Ekiti

After 38 years of marriage, a woman finally gave birth to a baby girl in Ekiti State, Nigeria, which brought her great joy, the woman thanks God on Easter Monday during CAC prayer Mountain program in Ikere Ekiti, Ekiti State.

The woman names was made secret, and she had tried unsuccessfully for years to have children, but never lost hope.

Both The husband and the wife have been married since 38years ago, but their union never bore any child until now, and it was not for lack of tying.

The couple underwent three IVF attempts, all of which were not successful. But their hopes remained alive that they would get a child in due course.

“When we started, I kept assuring my wife, you will have it. It will happen. It will only cost money. I only asked my wife, because of her age, do you think you can still carry pregnancy at your age and she said why not? So, I said if you are, then relax, it’s not over until it’s over.”

A woman gives birth after 38 years of marriage in Ekiti

On her part, she said she took a lot of inspiration from her husband’s love and confidence in her. She said her husband stood by her side throughout the years, even though he got massive pressure from his kinsmen to find another wife to bear him children.

“I never lost hope any day anyway. I used to tell him that before we move out of where we are living, we are going to carry our baby. Our baby will leave with us. Not only one. They are going to be two. And I’m a church goer. So in church I used to see many testimonies that there is nothing God cannot do. So I have faith in that. I stood on my faith that God will do it.”


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