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7 Kinds Of People You Will Encounter In The University

Immediately after graduating from high school, we must buy the following form of JAMB, available for registration with UTME, to study at the university.

if you’re lucky or brilliant enough to pass the exams, then you’re one step into fulfilling your dreams of studying in the university of your choice after meeting their often tedious requirements.

For those who are currently in the higher institution or have gone through one, you’d agree with me that there are thousands of students who came from different backgrounds and who came for different purposes actually (Though we can all claim to come to learn).

As a fresher or a student in any level, here are some of the people you will surely see at the university that will you’d want to be around with or might try to avoid.

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  1. The slay Kings and queens.

These people will make you feel like your parents are not doing enough with they way they show up in shiny clothes to every where. The guys would dress as if they’re going to an occasion just to see them sweating at the lecture hall.

As for the girls, they would come with big bags and big glasses just to tell you that they are in another level from the average student. Most of them are usually broke and would later come to beg for money while they spend heavily on designers to impress people.

  1. The clubbers.

These set of people seems to come to school just to be away from their parents as they are usually show their true self on campus. Every weekend is a bubble time as they always love having fun. There’s no party or club in town that they don’t know off.

  1. The holy holy ones.

These are the religious brothers and sisters you’d see on campus and they’re very easy to recognize. The girls would always dress as modest as possible, wearing very long skirts while the guys are always seen with big Bibles. Some of them would look at you and they could literally tell if you’d go to heaven or hell. Lol.

  1. The entrepreneurs.

These are the business people who came to school for business purposes. They hope to become the next Dangote or Alakija in the business world as they would always monetise whatever help they render to you. They sell things like recharge cards, snacks and other things to their fellow students.

  1. The Godfathers and Godmothers

These are the people you meet first when you first entered campus. They are the ones that show you around school and tell you how things are done in school. They are usually older students who are usually 2-3 years older in school.

  1. The “parasites”.

These so called “friends” are always around you for what they can get from you, hence the term “parasites”. They would make you share your food, clothes, perfume, cream and everything with them and sometimes you’d wonder how they survive till they graduate. When you watch them closely, they never disturb their parents for food money when you can hardly survive without calling your parents for money. Often times, you try as much as possible to avoid these kind of people.

  1. The serious ones.

These are the nerds. They are only in the university for one purpose: to learn and get good grades. They are often called the serious students due to the fact that they are always seen at the library and wouldn’t engage themselves in anything that isn’t “educational”. People like flocking around these people only during assignments or when the exam is close due to what they gain from their intelligence.


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