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OPINION: 2022 Governorship Election: Ekiti And The Choice Of The Youths- Ayokunle Falodun

The freedom of youth to use their potential is rooted in leadership that recognizes potential beyond politics and has concrete plans to optimize that potential in governance for the benefit of youth and future generations-a blessing for those who can identify this great opportunity.

Politics is usually framed up as a game but in reality, it is a determinant factor in the liberation, prosperity and well-being of the people which links all their spheres of influence together.

The population of youths in Ekiti state is more than half of the entire population of the state, which calls for investments in youths if the state is going to live up to her potentials. Hence, participating in politics is a responsibility for every youth in Ekiti State. Politics for youths in the Fountain of Knowledge must be more than a game but a push for a better future.

As a matter of fact, the rising unemployment rate and poverty rate in Ekiti state according to available statistics in year 2020, shows that for the survival of Ekiti state and avoiding her bankruptcy, it is both a moral and legal duty for youths to participate in politics of the state to determine who directs the affairs of their lives per time.

Furthermore, a leader who doesn’t believe in the power of young people cannot work with them in creating a better future with them. Many will profess that belief but their actions and antecedents say it all. We are in a generation of active collaboration between the leadership and the led because the new norm of leadership is participatory leadership – it is at both ends.

Interestingly, our state has found a refuge in the capability of Prof Kolapo Olusola Eleka, who has devoted more than half of his life to the development of youths by creating a better future for them. His success records in Obafemi Awolowo University, Christ Apostolic Church Students’ Association and as Deputy Governor of Ekiti State for four years are verifiable proofs that he will continue to invest in youths and create an enabling environment for them to thrive.

He understands the nature of youths, their developmental capabilities and potentials and how these can be channeled to bring out the best from them. This is more than just appointments (which he will definitely do), but it involves engaging and encouraging the youths to demonstrate and maximize their potentials creating an environment and system that works .

The time has come for Ekiti youths to take actions and pull support for the man who raises leaders and made men rather than breeding followers with no hope of a better tomorrow.

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It is time we set our priorities right. We all can’t be comfortable with the bootlicking attitude or be in support of the same school of thought that sees only youths as political tools for winning elections and leaving them to destruction afterwards.

Its is crystal clear Prof ELEKA is one outstanding man who is ready to work with the youths if elected as the GOVERNOR of EKITI STATE in 2022.

He has concrete plans to invest in the future of the youths. We should all converge to rise to the occasion. It’s a call to duty.

Let’s stand to support the intelligent and articulate Professor of Building who won’t only create conducive environment for youths to thrive but also rebuild our broken walls. The truth is that you can’t give what you don’t have and it will be suicidal to support aspirants without years of experience on how to develop youths or create a working environment for their development.

Ekiti Youths, stand up and join the train to rebuild our broken walls of development and discover new grounds for economic prosperity and sustainable governance.

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