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FB: Two Assassins sent to kill Idahosa; their experience and story

During one of his crusades in the Eastern region, he heard a knock at the door of the Hotel room where he was lodging.

When he opened the door, two strange men stood Infront of him looking horrified.They asked him; “Rev. Idahosa, may we have a word with you please?”He asked them to come in, and questioned why they came.With hesitation, they began to narrate their experience.

They said they were hired by occult leaders in Benin City to follow him to the crusade, and to assassinate him when he stood before the crowd to preach.

FB: Two Assassins sent to kill Idahosa; their experience and story

One of them said; “We were at the meeting last night with a gun and we intended to carry out our assignment. But, we began listening to your message, and when you invited people to accept Jesus Christ, we came forward and prayed the sinner’s prayer.”Frightened, the other one said, “We are afraid to go back to Benin City.

When the man who hired us finds out about this, he will have us killed. What shall we do?”Benson Idahosa said to them, “First, you must recognize that the power of Christ is stronger than the power of the devil.

If Christ lives within you, they cannot touch you. That is why you were not able to kill me – the Bible says, ‘… greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world’ (1 John 4:4). I will pray for you that the Lord will give you boldness to witness to those men when you go back and report what has happened.”

They both knelt before Idahosa as he laid hands on them and prayed, then they returned to Benin City.

When they told their employer – who was enraged, about their strange experience and miracles they witnessed at the crusade, he was too terrified to harm them.


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