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We’ll identify and deal with nuisance calling for Nigeria’s breakup- Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on Tuesday, February 16, says his administration will continue to identify and deal with nuisance calling for Nigeria’s breakup.

Speaking when he received a delegation of Borno/Yobe elders forum on Tuesday, Buhari said Nigeria will succeed over those who feel they do not need the country.

The president blamed the crisis in different parts of the nation on “a few people with resources and influence”, whom he said will be identified and dealt with in due course.

He expressed optimism that the country will prevail over whatever challenges it faces.

Full text of President Buhari's speech on October 1, 2020, Independence Day

“We need this country. We will continue to work for its stability. I feel that whatever happens, we will continue to make it, and will keep on praying to God, so that for those who feel that they don’t need Nigeria, we will succeed over their intentions and actions,” Buhari said.

“I am confident that we will eventually convince the small number of people with resource and influence that are a nuisance to this great country. God willing, we will identify them, and deal with them. I am extremely concerned about your constituency like the rest of the country.”

Buhari noted the request for an upgrade and development of infrastructure in the north-east region, and assured the elders that while he would do his best in that regard, he would, however, prioritise development in education.

“We are aware of the infrastructure deficit. Our priorities will be education, because all our citizens know that children within a certain age must receive it. Otherwise, if they miss it, the future is destroyed,” he added.

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