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Pastor Femi Oyeniyi blasts Nigeria’s Christian leaders on quickly adjusting to pathology, abnormality



As wise as the statement by one of our fathers in the Lord, Pastor Sam Adeyemi (concerning governments restrictions on New Year’s Eve prayer) may appear to be, it shows how our leaders are always ready and willing to quickly adapt to and accept the world’s “New Normal” into the Church. If we all agree to say “Happy new year at 2pm on 31st of December in Lagos” simply because of government restrictions, how are we going to resist the mark of the beast when it evetually becomes mandatory by the government?

Oh sorry, you say the Church would have been raptured by then. I also wish it is so. But is the Church in her present spiritual state ready for the rapture? I mean, this worldly, lukewarm and prodigal Church? Is this the kind of Church our Lord is coming for? Are we even still expecting the rapture? We better stop deceiving ourselves.

And what if the great tribulation comes before the rapture? Are these Modern day bread and butter Christians spiritually prepared or strong enough to be willing to die rather than denying their faith in Jesus? Do we have the fortitude?
The way we practise our Christianity these days, I can boldly say that we are neither ready for the rapture nor prepared for any tribulation. We are just in a state of spiritual coma. And it is either we are awakened now by great revival or by great tribulation. Honestly, I know of no other thing that can make us ready for the rapture.

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But before you begin to call for my head, let it be clear to you all that am not against the government’s Covid-19 protocols neither am I calling for Christians to disobey any government order. I believe we should all be law abiding citizens.

I also know and believe that as Christians, we can pray and worship our God anywhere and at any time of the day.


However, the rate by which Christians and our leaders are readily conforming and compromising with the system of the world calls for reflection. We have become so adaptable and comfortable in the world that we seem to forget that our citizenship is in heaven- Phil 3:20-21.

May God help us to begin now to live our lives with eternity in view.



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