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Bamgbose reacts to Primate Ayodele’s prophecies of the presidency in 2023

A chieftain of the New Nigerian Peoples Party, NNPP, Barrister Olusegun Bamgbose, has reacted to the 2021 prophecies reeled out recently by Primate Ayodele, leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church on 2023 presidency.

The senior lawyer attacked the Primate about his prophecy that North will still retain power come 2023, saying the cleric prophecy fake, not from God.

Bamgbose showed interest in the area where the cleric emphatically stated that the North will still retain power come 2023.

Being a presidential hopeful for 2023, Bamgbose believes that the prophecy won’t come to pass, adding that Ayodele should go back to God in prayer and seek His face because God is not the author of confusion.

Speaking in a chat with Daily Post, the senior lawyer who was angered by the prophecy, said “I believe God Himself will resist such. It’s very imperative that power must shift to the South come 2023.

“Any plan for power to be retained by the North come 2023 will totally fail. I don’t believe any patriotic and lover of one Nigeria from the North will ever support that power will still be retained by the North come 2023.

“In essence the prophecy by Primate Ayodele is fake. I think the North is trying to use him against the South. The truth however is that it won’t work.

“This possibly could be the handiwork of the North to use him to retain power, it won’t work. No man from the South will believe such a prophecy. I doubt if that prophecy is from God. It’s a mere prediction that won’t come to pass.

“I wonder how power will be retained by the North in view of these agitations by ethnic groups to secede. Those Northerners scheming to use Primate Ayodele should better forget it. It won’t work. It will be unjust and inequitable for the North to retain power come 2023.

I am the next President of Nigeria Osinbajo, Atiku, Obi, others will not stop me

“If Buhari has not really satisfied the yearnings of Nigeria and they still want a Northerner to take over from him, that will be absurd. The unity of Nigeria will be shaken to her root if such happen.

“Tambuwal, Saraki, Atiku should not bank on Primate Ayodele prophecy to contest 2023 Presidential elections, it will be an effort in futility. Power must shift to the South for the sake of our unity.

“Let them equally be informed that we from the South will be on the look out for any Northerner that will show interest in becoming the President of Nigeria come 2023. Such will be labeled enemies of one Nigeria. It’s as serious as that.”


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