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Aare Gani Adams Ordained As An Apostle: an abomination on the altar- Femi Oyeniyi

Pastor Emmanuel Femi Oyeniyi, the General Overseer of Zion Outreach, has condemn the ordination of Aare Ona Kakanfo (the generalissimo) of Yoruba Land, Gani Adams, as Apostle.

A Muslim and Traditionalist yet he was ordained last week by a Church as an “apostle”. Till now, I’ve not seen our Pastors or Prophets to speak out against this abomination on the altar.

Perhaps they are afraid of their lives or they see the ordination as the Church’s strategy to show love and win his soul for Christ. Or they see it as one of the new normals in the Church. Whatever the case may be, the Gospel Truth is that many things have gone wrong in the Church.

The CAC brought Saheed Osupa to the tomb of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola at Efon Alaaye, the Celestial Church invited Wasiu Ayinde Marshal to sing on the altar, a parish of RCCG distributed flyers of Obesere coming to sing in one of their revivals etc. When I spoke against these evils some times ago, a lot of so call Prophets started calling for my head. They accused me of hate speech and called me different kinds of names.

I know this post too will cause me another problem but I’m determined not to keep silent at the face of these acts of apostasy. We cannot all fold our arms and watch sheepishly as these agents of darkness turn the Church bought with Christ precious blood into witchcraft coven.

= Occultic men have taken over the affairs of the Church.
= Doctrines of the devil have replaced Sound Biblical Teachings.
= The Altars have been altered by the strangers in the sanctuary.
= Gods of gold have hijacked the altars from many of our General Overseers turning them to mere big men of gold.
= Our Prophets have been silent everywhere.
= Jezebel-sponsured Prophets are on the rampage, prophesying goody goody for the corrupt politicians.
= Open rebellion against God and His Words have become the new normal in our churches.
= And the worst of it: these modern day Christians have been so spiritually blindfolded and hypnotized that they are ready to crucify anyone who speak out against idolatry in the Church.


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