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How To Dress To A Job Interview

Dressing matters a lot in job interview, before saying anything to the employer; your dressing already says it all because you made the first impression with your dressing.

Every organization has its own dress code virtually for only interviews, then dressing at work really doesn’t matter to them.

The guidelines stated here are commonly accepted rules for the right dressing to interviews.

1. Dress professionally according to the position you are applying for. Generally, when we talk about dressing to interviews; then we mean wearing suit, it is not appropriate to dress down for an interview regardless to the organization dress code.

2. Be conservative in your dressing when doubting about the dress code.
Wear dark colored suit for interviews like black, navy-blue and compliment with a light colored shirt. Choose bright colors for the shirt, this is the most appropriate way to dress for interview.

3. Match your colors perfectly with socks, ties, shoes and belts.

4. The suit should provide comfortability and fitness for adequate confidence during the interview. Try and invest in a new suit if you do not feel eased in your old suit to ensure you look and act your best during the interview.

5. Ensure all your outfits are iron-pressed, clean and neat. Have a clean bathe the morning of the interview and wear deodorant and do not wear body spray or perfumes with offensive or too strong smell, in order not to cause an allergic reaction at the place of interview.

6. Avoid wearing flashy, too bright or loud color ties to the interview so that you won’t call for unnecessary attention.

7. Always go to interviews with fresh breath. Always have your teeth brushed before leaving for interview. Do not eat before an interview.

8. Keep your hair conservative, clean and neat.

1. Mostly for women, a suit with skirt or pant trouser should be worn. Be more conservative in your dressing when in doubt.

2. Always go for suit with comfortability and fitness, if you are using a waistband; avoid being too tight in order not to cut you into halves and making you look uneased. You might visit the tailor if you have an old suit you want to adjust.

3. Suits for interviews should look simple and be chosen in dark colors. Never wear suit that is too tight, has bright color, too short to interviews as the employers might lay complaint about this which would not give you credit on your part. You can choose a pant trouser or a skirt with knee-length.

4. Choose the appropriate blouse to compliment your suit. Do not compliment your suit with blouses with floral print, animal prints, geometric prints or lacy styles.

5. Makeup to be applied should not be heavy or cakey; it should be a simple makeup with neutral tones complimenting your skin color. Nail polish should be flattering, do not use bright colors or fix the long type of nails to an interview.

6. Avoid loads of accessories and jewelries, keep your jewelry to a low and minimise the accessories used for your hair.

7. Shoes should be low-heeled. Do not wear shoes with an open toe or back; any shoes you know you would love to wear to club or on a date, then those type of shoes are generally inappropriate for interviews. Owning a basic pump say it all as it is the best kind of shoes for official outings.

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