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Video: What #ENDSARS Protesters Failed To Do- Sanni Halilu Shaibu

A blue blood born into a Royal family, former APC Governorship Aspirant in last election and a well known Nigerian business magnate, investor, speaker and philanthropist, His Excellency Prince (Dr) Sanni Halilu Shaibu PHD President/Founder OCTAQ Group which have expanded to cover financial audit and professional services, information technology, oil and gas and telecommunications is a man with Midas touch of entrepreneurial excellence. A World class business executive, corporate trailblazer, political scientist, a State Administrator, Frontline Philanthropist, management expert and iconic Statesman of outstanding acumen

Dogged by the Principle of Liberalism and the need to serve people as their own true servant, Prince Halilu Sanni Shuaibu is one silent humanitarian that was born on the 15th of January in the serene town of Ankpa, Ankpa LGA of Kogi State

What #ENDSARS Protesters Failed To Do- Sanni Halilu Shaibu

A paragon of quality and excellence, he is a quintessential man who believes that reputation is the cornerstone of power and success. He therefore lives on and pursues his educational career with commitment and distinguished performance. He had the benefit of early exposure to Western education and the chances of success they guarantee
Amongst numerous awards, recognitions and achievements, he just won an award as Youth Economic builder at the Prestigious Democracy Heroes Award and he is a Distinguished fellow of the institute of public resources management and politics

In an interview with Rachel the PIPER, he speaks about how he built his career and addresses the youths #endsars #endswat #endpolicebrutality protests that have shaken the core of our Country in recent times

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Question: During your growing up days, what moulded you into becoming who you are today

Ans.: In life there are two things you need to carry along as you grow: 1) You must have a role model; look up to someone you will love to be like. It gives you courage. It builds your stamina. Another thing is to be trusted because people need to be able to entrust certain things into your hands that you manage and run

As a young boy growing up, I chose to go into business and today I am happy because of the principles I adopted. The principles of carrying everyone along in the business. The principles of not cheating people in business and the principle of starting with little funds. As a kid, when I was attending Islamic college in my village, I use to take money from my mum and buy fertiliser and sell to the market women who also sell to the farmers and I make little money. I barely finished my secondary school then and I use to buy some items like Agric products and take to other states. I use to take things from Ankpa to Onitsha and Anambra then I make some money


Nigeria is a Country where if you support peace, you will enjoy peace. Nigeria is doing great. People are comparing Nigeria with America…some Countries in Asia and other parts of the World. It makes it look like Nigeria is not doing well. Nigeria is doing great

Question: In line with talking about Nigeria, what can you say about the End SARS, End Swat, End police brutality protests that have shaken Nigeria in the past weeks?

Ans.: Let me start with the End SARS. I just mentioned that every challenge…every issue demand a reaction. End SARS protest has been justified. Let me explain this to you: The youths came together and said “This is what we want. We are tired of this”…and they came up with demands. I studied international security and cyber crime. I’ll tell you how Government works. Government have set up few persons to go underground to source for information because sometimes a demand will come. This is what we want…that is what we want. When Government tries those things, the people come up with other things…then the Government get those things sorted, then the people come up with other excuses. The Government employ intelligence to find out what the people want.

What #ENDSARS Protesters Failed To Do- Sanni Halilu Shaibu


The protesters failed to do one thing. They needed to have appointed people that will lead, people that will speak, people that will represent the group. This is where they got it wrong and it makes it look like they are faceless. Some persons will say these are noise makers but they have good intentions. They have a demand they are presenting to Government but they were meant to come together and say “You from this region, you will represent the youths”. Or pick one person from each State to represent each zone. If you recall the Lagos State Governor in his speech said for three days they were trying to decipher who the team leaders are but they were struggling… agitations here and there. This one will say “I am the team leader…”. Another will say “I am….” They didn’t know who to hold on to and these things kept escalating. Those people at the helms of affairs today were elected. They are not military. We voted for them so we have to recognise what the constitution says.

What happened that amazed me was on a Friday. The Moslems were praying at the protest grounds and the Christians surrounded them protecting them. The Christians protected the Moslems. I was watching and I said “This is amazing”. That act deeply impressed me. It shows that the issue is not about Christian or Moslem. It’s not religious or tribal. It’s about what the Country wants…what the youths want. The truth is from my perspective, Government is already responding to the demands. It’s an issue that has been resolved and Government is already responding as we speak so let’s give Government a chance

Question: So what’s your word of advice to the youths?

Ans.: The youths I hail you all. The truth is we are stronger United. We need to avoid distributing and disseminating fake information flying on the social Media. We need to verify. Before you send or forward any information, you must verify the authenticity of those things you want to forward to the public. These things can cause wars. I have seen something that happened in Uganda over 7 or 8 years ago. During the protest, I saw the video. They made it look like it happened in Anambra State in Nigeria and if I didn’t have the right information, I would have believed it and taken it hard on Government. For Some of our celebrities, Nigeria must exist before you make your money, before you make your name, your fame. Before you rush to the media, please verify what you are sending out


I want us to believe in this Country and I want us to also believe that we can join hands and make this Country great again. Every Country has its challenge and whatever we go through In this Country is the challenge we have to surmount but we need to come together the United strong people that we are to build this Country and to make it stronger.

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