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ENDSARS -ENDSWAT-The Revolution We Need BY Com. Fatai Yunisa Olarewaju

Dear Compatriot Youths.

I must salute your ruggedness and commitment toward the course of End Police Brutality for the past two weeks.

It is no longer Ensars alone again but total restructuring of the country. We are all fed up of 60 years of age in slavery, Nigerian youths are not foot mat to any government.

It is our right to demand for good governance as our youth mate’s of other countries are enjoying the dividends of democracy, we are tired of the word “We’re the leaders of tomorrow” on paper. It is time we allow it to reflect in our nation building.

Nigerian youths are not attacking anybody because we are not lout but clamoring for for revolution in our country. Enough is enough, we can’t wait any longer to allow the fuck Nigeria Police to finish up our youths by killing them, SARS have killed over 30% of Nigerian youths on actions that are baseless to citizens.

Over billions on Nigerian youths are graduate in which we have P.hD., M.Sc., B.Sc. and NCE holders, with that nothing from the government to us in order to enjoy our dividends of democracy, yet some of the youths that are into their legitimate businesses in order to sought for their daily bread are being brutalize by Nigerian Police, which is totally wrong, imagine police searching citizens without a searching warrant, a country where you can’t agitate for your right, the next thing is to lock you up or put you in detention.

It is high time now that we need revolution in all part of our governance.
It is on this note that we the youths of Federal Republic of Nigeria demands on the following things from our protest.

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-Endsars-Endswat total reforming of Nigerian Police.

-Create employment for the youths that will circulate not political.

-Stable electricity with minimal tariff plan.

-Drastic reduction of salary of political office holders (Senators, Representative members, Ministers)

-Removal of lofty attraction in our public offices across the country.

-Reduce the ministerial appointment offices.

-Refix our bad roads across the country to suit the one you rush into outside the country.

-Accessibility of food to the less privileged people in the country (Special People).

-Reduce our fuel pump price to minimal rate that will not affect the average Nigerians.

Otherwise if the above demands is not being grants. Revolution is needed for the betterment of New Nigeria coming.

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