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#ENDSARS Protest, A Revolution in Disguise? -Fatai Yunisa Olarewaju

It is no longer news that the youth of Nigeria has thought it wise to speak in one voice against the menace of the men of the Nigeria police force with a particular reference to the atrocities of the Special Anti robbery Response Squad (SARS).

It will be recalled that Nigerians took to the streets across almost all the major cities in the country to protest the brutality meted on them by men of the Nigeria police. In our society of today, it has now become a crime for a young Nigerian to look good and or use a neat phone, especially expensive ones.
On many occasions, young promising Nigerians had been killed, many were injured and some would have to Live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. Many families have been put into mourning and many would have to continue to service the debts incurred trying to save the lives of their loved ones.

While the protest started online, the youths were seen as noise makers again who would later loose track and back off, especially due to previous experiences.
The protest continued and became a widely accepted movement with various celebrities contributing to this development, music stars, footballers, others as well.

It went from a mere online protest to a physical display of total rejection of the brutality of men of the Nigeria police.
The rate at which the protest came about is nothing less than encouraging. Funnily enough, there cannot be a individual or a group of individuals who could be called leaders of the protest.
I guess the leaders of the protest is the necessity to demand good governance via the reformation of the Nigeria police.

Young Nigerians have shown great strength so far and has achieved a lot in a short while. Nigerian youth have so far shown that their can still be unity in focus despite the various differences we live with in our present day Nigeria.
On Sunday 11th October, 2020, the Inspector General of police announced the immediate disbandment of Sars. Despite this news, young Nigerians are still on the street.

Many opinions have been raised. In fact, some have started to accuse the teeming youth on the street.

At this point it is pertinent for me to add my opinion as to why the announcement by the Inspector General of Police is a mere Audio promise and should not make us too happy.
In 2019, similar thing was said about banning the activities of Sars yet, after a while, they continued operations.
In addition, there was a time the Sars was said to have been reformed to become FSars, still their atrocities did not stop.

Let’s discuss the issue at hand with a very critical point of view, what even led to the protest in the first place? The brutality of Sars, right?
Okay, the Unit has been disbanded, yet protesters are still being shot at, they are still being molested and even killed! This obviously shows that the fight is not just against the Sars as a unit but the entire police system.

On several occasions, the Inspector General had come out to deny giving orders to open fire on protesters. Now if that is the case, then his means that those officers must have acted contrary to an order giving to them. If this is the situation, how many of those officers have been punished for insubordination?
Can we say the police lacks or never had discipline whatsoever?

If it is the case that the Inspector General was aware of the fire opened on harmless protesters and claimed he’s not aware, then we should ask a question, whose interest is the police protecting? If that is the case, why should Nigerians, especially the youth trust the announcement of the disbandment of Sars?

In fact, the disbandment of Sars can be likened to someone who said he has repented simply by changing his name, we should ask him, is the problem with your name or your heart?
How can you say you disband Sars yet, deploy them to other units without any training or orientation?

If young people in their numbers are on the streets protesting against brutality and you assured them of safety, yet, they are still being brutalized, we can then see why young minds are still on the street.

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You may accept, agree or disagree, this protest currently ongoing could be the wake up call for all of us, especially young people to stand up to the test of this day and demand for good governance in Nigeria.

WHO knows maybe this would trigger the passion in the youth to get involved in the day to day running of the country!
Obviously, it’s looking like the youth are now aware of the enormous task and responsibilities on their shoulders in leading this country to a greater height.

Although, many youth still believe those on the streets are jobless or without vision for their lives, it should be noted that this is a fight for all, a fight for a better Nigeria that would definitely be enjoyed by all.

Take it or leave it if this is not revolution, it is a signal that their is revolution in sight!

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