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Olajide advises Governor Kayode Fayemi to look into unemployment rate in Ekiti State

In his words, Olajide said "The high rate of unemployment in the state is alarming, the youths are wallowing in abject poverty due to unemployment.

Olajide Omotayo, a vibrant and youth advocate from Ekiti east local Government of Ekiti state has called the attention of the Governor of the state on uprising state of unemployment in the state.

Olajide who expressed disappointment on the Governor Fayemi lead administration on how the state resources are being managed and the poor welfare of the people of the state most especially in the employment aspect.

He admonished the Governor to focus on the welfare of the people rather than chattering expensive first class flights to Abuja always.

Olajide emphasized much on the high rate of unemployment among the youths in the state and asked the governor to urgently look into the employment proceedings which has been put on stop for about a year or thereabouts and that he should, in good faith, effect the employment of 2000 out of the thousands of youths that put in for the recruitments exercise that was approved by him.

In his words, Olajide said “The high rate of unemployment in the state is alarming, the youths are wallowing in abject poverty due to unemployment.

He then tasked the Governor to set aside a week to tour round the state to see for himself the rate at which the youths, who are meant to be the future of the state are jobless, idle and moving around the street all because of unemployment despite having good certificates from higher institutions.

He said “Ekiti state is known as the fountain of knowledge and has always been in the front line when it comes to education and brilliance”.

The appointment of supervisors and advisers to the Local government councils is good but employment is more important and needful at this period of time. Mr Olajide said.

He went on by stating that HE, Mr Governor should do a subtraction and addition from the number of those he sacked and laid off from work and the numbers of those he employed since the inception of his administration, noting that he’ll see that he has increased unemployment rate in the state.

Meanwhile, a responsible government is expected to create more job opportunities.

He went further to advice him not to wait until when it is time for his administration to come to an end before employing workers which can also be laid off by his successor as it occurred in his own case and his predecessor.

He also admonished the governor on the need to engage the youths more into entrepreneurship.

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He mentioned that not everyone can do the white collar job or eat under the political table.

He explained that majority of these youths are skilled in different areas apart from going to school.

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In his words, Olajide said “the present government should look more into entrepreneurship and engage the youths in entrepreneur, through this, there will be more employment for the youths and it will even generate revenue for the state”.

We have youths that are skilled in Agriculture and other areas. Seminars should also be given to them on how to perform well in these areas.

He made mentioned of the dangers attached to not being employed and idle. In his words, Olajide said ” Like the popular saying, the idle hand is the devil’s workshop. Being idle can make one turn into political thugs, political slaves, armed robbers, internet fraudsters and these attributes won’t paint the state well.

Olajide therefore urged the governor on the need to look into these areas as it needs urgent attention.

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