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Trump calls it a crime Bloomberg’s payment of ex-prisoners’ debts

US President Donald Trump on Thursday, September 24, accused billionaire Michael Bloomberg of breaking the law, as the businessman paid off the debts of almost 32 thousand former prisoners in Florida.

“It’s completely illegal – what he did. I guess it’s a crime. He really gives money to people – he pays people to vote. In fact, he says: here’s the money, now go and vote only for the Democrats, right? ” – said Trump in a podcast with a leading TV channel Fox News Brian Kilmeedy.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody asked the FBI and the State Police Department to investigate Bloomberg’s actions on Wednesday.

Florida law requires ex-prisoners to pay off their debts to be able to vote. Bloomberg, along with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, helped pay a total of $ 5 million in debts to 32,000 imprisoned African American or Hispanic registered voters, whose fines were less than $ 1,500.

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Florida is one of eight so-called swing states where voter preferences can tilt towards either candidate. It is the largest of the eight states in terms of population and electoral votes.

During a press conference on Wednesday, September 23, Trump avoided answering the question whether he can guarantee a peaceful transfer of power in the country following the presidential elections in November. According to the head of state, he intends to win. The next day, White House press secretary Kaylee McEnani said that the current American leader would only agree with the outcome of a “free and fair” presidential election.

In June, Trump said he might not recognize the election results if he was defeated. Trump’s rival Democrat Joe Biden said that in this case, the military would withdraw Trump from the White House. In response, the leadership of the armed forces reminded that they are out of politics and intend to continue to comply with the laws of the country.

The US elections will be held on November 3. Donald Trump is running for a second term, his rival is the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

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